You Are Following Your Soul Plan…We All Must

As I create this blog with Scott I am always waiting to see what comes onto the page. I never know what the topic is or what words will flow through. So here is this week’s blog… Written in Spirit’s unconditional love and magnificent knowing…

The needing for a reason for your child or loved one’s death is natural, needed, demanded…in the human experience.

Is there always a “reason”?  Can there be, will there be?

Maybe not a reason you are able to comprehend in your deep grief or even years later. But trusting there is always deep meaning and love at the core of all that happens in life and death allows you to begin to open up that tight clenched fist that insists, “This is all wrong!”

Mom/Sara understands this. Of course…she is one of you. A mom grieving the sudden loss of her beloved child. She had to endure that massive collision of love and missing and right and wrong, life and death, unfairness… deep pain, confusion…LOVE.

Creating this life in Spirit with me, Scott, now IN Spirit…Mom had to begin a new path…one that was opened up to her…actually brought to her…

Are you there too?  Reading your comments on our past blogs…we know many of you are seeing more, hearing more… Knowing there IS more…

Your children and loved ones are opening that door… Are you ready to step in a bit further?

When the time is right for anyone to take that leap of faith…or leap into greater love or greater knowing…there will be this…

You planned this leap…with your child and your loved ones.

We, in Spirit, are on the other end of this leap. We are here to teach you and open your mind to that which YOU planned and need…in this lifetime. Soul planned.

Can you trust us?

Sara/Mom has taken many leaps of faith on her journey. Was she always sure of the outcome? No… But she learned through everything… That IS the journey…

She is now pretty much fearless…trusting that whatever comes is needed for her growth and greater understanding…and what she learns…she can teach others…

Trusting in what you cannot see or be certain of…is that logical? Maybe not. But logical can also limit your ability to grow.

Does everything line up at the end of the day? Do you sometimes have to fill in the blanks to create a logical day?

Can you just let it be…not all lined up…?  That is the soul planning. Begin to see more…between the lines.  Between two worlds…

This planning may not be seen every day…but it is weaving through your life and bringing the pieces and parts you NEED to your journey. You don’t get all the choices…as you have now learned.

It came. Death changed you…and your life. Today we share this… the death of your child, children, loved ones…creates this new environment that will open you up to the love you own…and deepen it. Deepen it as it needs to be…as the plan planned for.

We all have planned every life we’ve ever lived…as spiritual beings in human bodies. We also  knew of the depth of pain, anguish, anger, desperation, rage, sickness, confusion and more…that would come from the grief journey we would take.  At birth we forget all that was planned, because it must be lived…fully lived…for the incredible growth that exceeds any growth the human mind can imagine. Spiritually it is truly magnificent.

Your loved ones, child, children are now in that place of love and knowing… This is where there IS logic. No mystery. We in Spirit are on this journey with you…and we open you up to this knowing… You are that much closer to understanding our journeys as well as your own.

Between two worlds…or are our worlds merging…?

Stay tuned… Trust love…and know we have much more to explain about life and death.


Scott/Spirit and Sara

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  • Deanie Ferris

    Hard to believe I planned this
    I planned grandchildren..
    Yes,it brings me to greater depths
    But so would Good things
    I feel cursed.

    • Sara Ruble

      I understand Deanie. I so admire you, because you keep reading…and whether or not it seems like our words help you today or not…you ARE learning. One word, one page, one day at a time. Don’t give up on the soul planning. Your beloved son is a part of it all. Sending you love…

  • Beth D'Angelo

    The perfect words to begin my day. Thank you Sara/Scott.
    My son, Sean, is with your Scott. It has been a little over twelve years now – his birthday is just around the corner and he tells me that he has never left me.
    So, I will make a cake, light a candle and buy a present for myself in his name….and visualize the boys pointing the two of us out, saying, “That’s my Mom- isn’t she amazing?!”

    • Sara Ruble

      I love this Beth… Knowing that love is forever, that we are eternally connected, there will be more to this relationship than we could have ever imagined in year one, allows other moms and dads to hope, then trust, see more, reach out to others…and celebrate the life of their child. Thank you for sharing. Eat cake. Sean smiles 🙂 xoxo

  • Paula Sampson

    Thank you for confirming what my son, Jeffrey, is teaching me…that our life was planned by us before we were born. Jeffrey died in a vehicle collision at the age of 19 eleven years ago–5/3/05. Just the last couple of years have I been able to loosen my “tightly clenched fists” and be open to Jeffrey’s and my soul plan. I have spent most of these 11 years resisting the reality of his death which I see now adds to my suffering. But, I do believe this is part of my grief process and I am grateful to be moving into a living, loving relationship with Jeffrey…my light and love. I so appreciate this blog and its timeliness for me! Blessings to you Scott/Spirit and Sara.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Paula… Taking this confusing, painful journey and getting to this place is so important for others to read. When Scott showed me the clenched fist the other day…and then opened it up in front of me…it was like letting life in, allowing the light and love of our children to be right there…inviting more to come.

      Your soul journey brought you here… We write to bring new perspectives. You inspire by sharing. Thank you! xoxo

  • michelle

    i read am wonder why some seem to not suffer the losses and traumas others do. I Lost my beautiful Logan,my only child,barely 20, to drowning. I lost my mom and uncle both to suicides. yet I know people who in their 50’s have yet to experience even one loss outside of very elderly natural passings. are our souls further along than theirs , as if we are experiencing a “final exam” and their souls still have many returns to experience? would love others thoughts…….

    • Sara Ruble

      Such important questions Michelle.
      In the human experiences we are able to see only what is going on in this lifetime. Past lives are always weaving through our lives. We are not aware of those, or how much they are involved in our daily lives or an entire lifetime…but the soul journeys of all humans on this earth are continuing lifetimes. Soul plans are designed to BALANCE past lives and create the ability for us to evolve while in the body. So, as confusing as that may be…trust much more is going on in everyone’s life than this one lifetime. Bigger picture view.

      We wrote that everything will not be seen as logical in life…because we are not given the full view of it all while in the body. Why? It pushes us to seek out answers, go deeper in our thinking, find the truths that works for us, create more experiences. All this is soul planned too.

      As far as the “final exams” Michelle…everyone is evolving through their lifetimes… Some here are more advanced in their lifetimes, thus more fully informed.

      We hope this helps to explain…your questions help everyone. Thank you… xoxo

  • Diana

    You & Scott did it again! Renewed my hope that I am on the right path! At times I begin to question all that I have learned the past 14 yrs since Ashley died. I have had verifications by her and the many others who have embraced me along the way (esp. you). But I find it more difficult to maintain and not question this concept when I live around the “logical” people. I have experienced our “mind-like” world of compassion and love for each other. And as much as I try to pass that on daily to others, I feel sometimes I want to just retreat back to that comfort zone forever! However, I recognize that what I do is my soul purpose right now, so I continue ahead and grateful for the support of you and many others.

    • Sara Ruble

      I know you have worked so hard to grasp life and death…while continuously and generously giving back to others who are grieving Diana. Think of this… You would not be reading, studying, and delving into the soul planning, the spiritual aspects of it all if it were not going to be important to you in this lifetime and beyond. You are a teacher, and this is needed for your work. Your soul plans will take you where you have to go with this and all other areas of your life.. So dear heart, trust that you will be able to live within this world…”logical” and spiritual with greater knowing. Please keep reading….we are talking to you… 🙂 xoxo

  • Liz vinston

    How could my daughter have planned this horrible death, shothe 6 times over locking the keys in a car? She has a child left an orphan. She was not planning this. And then what she had to go through with medical examiner. She suffered all this from a friend for whom she had cooked a meal that night. It is a horrible way to go.

    • Sara Ruble

      Liz, I can only imagine you have hundreds, thousands of questions… Trying to make sense of your daughter’s death must be extremely difficult.

      We have written about our lives going from lifetime to lifetime. In the human body we cannot remember our previous lives, yet they exist within our soul. Not knowing what these lives created and yet needing to be balanced in another lifetime, leaves you with so few answers. We can tell you that your daughter’s spirit needed this experience in this lifetime. Her daughter planned to be with her mom before they were born, so her spirit is well aware of the plan.

      In the bigger picture of spiritual lives, everything has meaning. Your daughter’s life has great meaning, her death does too. You may only fully understand this very complex series of events in time. We know you are suffering deeply…yet in the midst of everything you are learning too. My heart goes out to you Liz… By reading our words and seeking out answers, you are doing your spiritual work… It can only help you…
      Love to you.

  • Roselyn

    I want to believe and I know that is a start. My son, only child was the one who taught me to love and be patient. I worked so hard to be a great parent and boom. Now although I am living my life is drudgery . There is very little I am happy about.
    I feel as though I cannot love again, or be loved
    There are so many lessons , I told my son that.
    Losing him has knocked me so far back that I am afraid to live again.
    Thank you for your words…

    • Sara Ruble

      I know Roselyn, it seems like so much to endure. Thank you for reading, for asking, and searching for something to help you.

      The soul planning is the one aspect of Scott’s death that helped me bring these fractured pieces together. When we plan our lives before we are born, we see everything we will be going through as growth and for the greater good here on earth. We are in that perfect place of knowing…therefore we know we can endure what we planned with our family, our children, their deaths and finding meaning in this lifetime. All life is continuous in the eyes of Spirit. We come, experience our planned life, ultimately die as planned…then come together with our loved ones, God/Spirit. If it were all that simple while we are here…but I know it all has meaning.

      Taking steps to see the bigger picture of life and death can only help you begin to have a greater awareness of why we are really here…in the body. We are courageous…even if we can’t see or feel that Roselyn. Not yet anyway…

  • Stephanie robinson

    My gosh how I’ve missed you and Scott,,really looking forward to the 2 of you returning to us!!!!

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Stephanie. We’re coming back this week! xoxo

  • Stephanie Robinson

    I can’t wait Sara, I read your blogs in such amazement, Death really is teaching, and I’m anxious to continue learning

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