Are Soul Plans Logical?

Today, Scott/Spirit explains more…

With the love comes the need to understand the death. It is a loss…one of great missing, the physical connection, the ongoing human contact, love as it was known to be…ad infinitum.

When the connection appears to be severed…how does one explain the signs, messages, dreams, feeling a presence, seeing more than you ever knew?

Is is logical? Are they gone? Are they here? How does logic fit into that…when you come to realize…they are not really gone.

Telling others of your “knowing”…can be confusing. You are so excited about the afterlife connection you are experiencing…and they may look at you or react in ways that make you feel crazy, deflated, or angry.

They are being logical… Right?  And you KNOW what you know… What you now know and have experienced does not feel logical. And that is OK…because your connection is far more important than other’s words or reactions.

At that point you have grown into greater awareness…because you know there is MORE out there then you had ever known before… Your loved one connected with you after their death on a spiritual level…or you sense there is a much bigger picture…

Logic or no logic. You know this.

Soul planning may not seem logical to you. You may question…how can we plan our entire lives before we are born and then come to earth and live out that plan?  And meet everyone we were needing to, to become…moms, dads, brothers, sisters, teachers, doctors, plumbers, grandparents, writers, volunteers, murderers…

Nothing is random.

We know that is hard to take this in if your child or loved ones were killed by another, murdered, raped by such reprehensible actions. Or…just the fact that those kind of actions take place…one human to another.

We need to help you understand this…

Spiritual soul planning will bring the most unlikely experiences to the human experiencers….because Spirit teaches with contrast. Good vs. bad, humane vs. inhumane, love vs. hate, and more.

If we use the the tragic Orlando shootings that took place a few days ago…and we must…to explain more about soul planning…there is meaning to it all.

Logical? No… Horrendous. Yes.  Meaningful…yes.

But why? So many innocent people killed. They were just having fun dancing and listening to the bands. That is NOT logical.

To help you understand soul planning you need to understand this… Spirit creates.

Yes… Your child, children, loved ones have died… Their deaths were the outcome of the soul planning done a hundred years ago or so to…create.

Your grief, your pain, your heartbreak, the need to understand or help others creates beauty and shares love. Reaching out to help another in their grief is a gift to not only them, but to you.

And you could not, cannot ever change the soul plans made with Spirit/God/Your Higher Power.

The spiritual aspect of each human born is the strongest part of each of you. It is the words, actions, experiences of each spiritual being in a human body…having human experiences.

The reason you came to earth…were born…was to follow your soul plan to completion.

This plan maybe filled with love and kindness, gratitude, generosity, or filled with anger, hate, manipulation, the inability to cope with daily life, suspicion…

Because what one human can create, there will be the contrast…that is acted on.

As Mom/Sara watched the TV coverage of the Orlando shootings…she was sending love to those who created the contrast in that human experience… Strangers saving lives, carrying others to waiting vehicles to get to the hospital, putting pressure to a man’s body to prevent bleeding out, reassuring voices that provided love and support. “You’re going to be OK…” Ordinary humans going way out of their comfort zones to help others…rising above anyone’s expectations to help a fellow human being in pain, near death, at death. All of it so hard to watch… but that beautiful contrast…helps us trust in the goodness of others.

Every aspect of what happened in Orlando…was soul planned.

Let us explain… We know this may be hard take in…

The man who became the shooter had a soul plan that created a violent reaction to the life he saw around him. He created an incredibly tragic set of circumstances that sent shock waves throughout the world.

Contrast to his actions began to show love and kindness, caring, reaching out, embracing the gay community, worldwide tributes in support of America, hundreds standing in lines to give blood. So beautiful… Those actions were soul planned…opening the hearts of many to do what they could to balance the hate they had just witnessed.

Since the beginning of time…there has been contrast… It creates.

Wars, holocaust, genocide, rape, racial prejudice, drugs, cancer…more…

Are created for the regret, compassion, greater learning, retaliation, empathy, love, support…and deep need to create change in this world. To evolve…

If you haven’t experienced pain, can you know how desperate another may be in their pain?

If you haven’t experienced the death of your loved one, can you really know another’s missing, confusion, agony?

Looking at life and death…and the whole life experience with a new perspective…can you begin to see the bigger picture of WHY what happens, happens?

Take in the knowing that you came to earth with your soul planned family and others to experience everything needed for your lifetime…to evolve, grow, create, fall down, get back up, fight against, break down, embrace, be challenged, overcome… Death is a part of the plan…

Darkness becomes Light…through the work done on earth… Growing in your awareness is part of the plan… 

Everyone on earth is a spiritual being in a human body having human AND spiritual experiences…

There is more to come…

Trust love,

Scott/Spirit and Sara

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  • Sharon Tahaney

    In speaking about having a “soul plan” I think about the time when my son was a teenager and in an agitated state, he said to me, “Mom, you know I’m going to die by the time I’m 24 in a car accident.” I immediately said with great emotion, “Don’t ever say that again! Never say that!” Years later, my son died at 24 in a car accident. It was definitely an “accident” and he had no intention of dying that day. But he did. I didn’t remember his statement until I was sitting at the funeral home and the funeral planner asked me how old my son was. When I said, “24,” I remembered his statement as if he were standing there beside me and saying it again. Somehow, did he know? At the same time, he really didn’t KNOW? Does one’s soul plan leak into this human existence with gut-level hints? I miss my son every hour of every day. I do know he is here. I almost see him at times. So many signs of him…

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Sharon, this is a profound example of your son’s soul planning with you. As spiritual beings we are always “linked” to one another with the greater knowing of Spirit. Your son’s spirit needed him to share his future with you…in that moment of anger. Did he believe it or did it just come out? He may not have even remembered saying that. Either way…it happened…as it was soul planned…
      Again soul planned…you recalled that moment at the funeral home…as Spirit provided you with that knowing to allow you to see the depth of the spiritual connection you share… So yes, the two come together to show us more. The human and the spiritual aspects of life.
      Then comes the hard, hard work of grieving…but knowing there IS something more going on with life and death was so needed…as it opened you up to the new relationship you are experiencing with your son.
      Thank you so much for sharing with us Sharon. xoxo

  • Mary

    Thank you.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you for reading Mary…and investing in new ways of thinking and living… xoxo

  • Rita

    My son David was killed in a head on collision 2012 and I am feeling very angry most of the time. Since finding your site I realize when he told me his plans about death it was like he knew. He told me what he wanted and that I had to share his ashes! I told him to tell them to his brother because I would be gone but sadly I was not gone by the time he was. I have had many signs that he is with me, but I miss him so much! ❤ ??

    • Sara Ruble

      This is so telling Rita, when you remember a conversation with such depth and honesty. Your son needed you to know his plans, and that came from his Spirit. Did he sense an early death? Something triggered his comments. Those words were meant to be heard by you, his brother if he shared, because this journey did not just start at David’s death. We are spirits within our human bodies. Our soul journeys are flowing through us from birth and the Spirit within creates what is needed for us now and in the future.

      Your missing David, as I miss Scott pushes us to find meaning and greater understanding of where they are, how they communicate with us, the bigger picture and more. Love does that!
      Thank you for sharing Rita…clearly another way Spirit is showing how soul planning shows up in life…and in death. xoxo


    How can be so sure that all this is soul planned?

    • Sara Ruble

      An important question Elissa… I have been learning from Scott for many years. In the beginning I wondered if all this could be true too. And then Scott/Spirit began showing me all the ways my life had been planned with him, with my mom and dad, and on and on. I know it seems very bold to say I KNOW this…but I do not write about the soul planning…it comes through me from Spirit. The soul planning resonates deeply within me and many others they begin to see it evolving in their lives. Perhaps read Robert Schwartz’s profound book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.
      Thank you for asking… xoxo

  • lorrie price-mcclute

    Sara, I do know and understand, my son was murdered on February 1,2014 he was 24 only 22 days from being 25 years old. My own father was 25 years old when he was killed in a car accident. When I was 25 years old I had a miscarriage. As for the knowing, Robbie’best friends from high school, one at 17 years old completed suicide. Another was murdered shot in the head,he was 24 years old and was taken to a secluded area,robbed for $240 there where 3 people present,he was murdered in July and his body wasn’t found until October. A year later on December 20,2013 I told my son Robbie I felt like the same thing that happened to his friend was going to happen to Robbie. Robbie had moved back home with me the day after thanksgiving 2013, after his girlfriend of 7 years broke up,they kept the trailer for his dog to have a place to live until the camper they had was to be cleaned up and moved to my house. Waiting for this Robbie and his girlfriend would go at separate times to visit with the dog that he raised from a puppy and loved as his child. He called me on Sunday January 26,2014 from the trailer and asked me to come get him because the water pipes busted and he was out of food. I was scheduled for pretesting procedure on Monday January 27,2014 and told him I would come get him right after pretesting was done. On Tuesday January 28,2014 Robbie told me he didn’t want to go back to the trailer, I told him he didn’t have to go back,we would figure something out with the dog right after my surgery. On Wednesday January 29,2014 I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. Robbie cooked dinner for me and his dad,brother and sister. There’s 7 years between all 3 of my children. On Thursday, January 30,2014 Robbie was standing in front of me in the living room and said ” momma,I’m not going to be here much longer. I said baby please don’t talk like that besides you can’t die, not only that I can’t live without my precious baby boy but I couldn’t afford to bury him, he said well just have me cremated then,I said I can’t afford to do that either. He said well then just throw me in a ditch somewhere. At the time I was devastated by his word’s,now I know it was his way of letting me know he didn’t have a preference about what happened to him after death. On Friday January 31,2014 he was really depressed,the girlfriend had called and said if he didn’t get back up there with the dog then she would get rid of him because she couldn’t get off the mountain due to snow to check on the dog. He laid beside me on the bed like he did when he was little, he really wanted his girlfriend back. He laid beside me for more than 3 hours,and when his dad got up at 3am to work,delivering nrwspapers,he asked him to take him back up there to the trailer. Before they left Robbie came in my bedroom,he asked to take my comforter with him because it was so cold up there. I said so your going back up there, he said yes and promised to bring the comforter back to me. He hugged me,kissed me on the cheek and said I love you momma, then went and kissed his brother and sister,telling them he loved them. He decided to stay with his dad the rest of the night. His dad stopped and bought him some breakfast and took him to the trailer,arriving at 5am. He tried to call my old cell phone which wasn’t working,and called his dad,talked to his brother at 4:44pm, telling him he was fixing to get a ride home and he loved him. 3 guy’s walked from up the street with intentions of the one young man age 23 Chris was going there to fight Robbie, Robbie always tried to be friends with Chris for the past 5 years before, Chris always bullied Robbie, the other two young men knew Chris had a gun in his waistband but was informed that Chris was going there to fight Robbie. One of the young men said he went along to make sure it was a fair fight, that Chris and the other young man didn’t jump Robbie. We have pretrial hearing on June 20,2016 and trial is scheduled for August 2,2016. From preliminary hearing we heard that the one witness went straight to police and said Robbie stood up to Chris and Chris put the gun to Robbie’s head and pulled the trigger.around 7:30pm Robbie’s girlfriend called me crying and asked when the last time it was that I spoke to Robbie,I said not since he left that morning. She then told me a neighbor called her and said someone had been shot at the trailer. I think that’s when shock hit me, I felt numb and told my husband that someone had been shot at the trailer, he said let’s go. It took us 10 minutes to get there which is usually a 30 minute drive, when we where almost there Robbie’s girlfriend called me back and said the neighbor called her again and said that there was a young man shot in the trailer and that man was dead. My stomach started hurting,it’s like I already knew. We got there by 7:44pm. The girlfriend got there a few minutes before but they wouldn’t tell her anything,they had an ambulance in front of the trailer and police had the road blocked to where we where at the end of the road, the police said he didn’t know anything and a detective would be with us soon.a little while later the detective came down pulled my husband and I separate and said that Robbie was murdered,shot once in the head at point blank range and he knew it was Robbie. Said they where still processing the scene and Robbie’s body would be taken straight to the medical examiner’s office as soon as they finished. I remember almost passing out and my husband asked if I could set down somewhere because I had just had surgery, the next feeling I had was to hold my other children and tell them. Then hugging Robbie’s girlfriend who released a noise that she can only describe as a sound she’s never heard. The detective asked questions of us all, finding out that Robbie’s girlfriend was able to name the shooter because Robbie had told her not long ago Chris had held Robbie hostage at gunpoint. They then had to finish processing the scene and asked us to leave after getting our contact information and asking if I wanted them to call whatever the hour when the arrested him. I said yes, at 3am the detective called to say Chris had been arrested,I asked him if he was sure he had the right guy,he said 100% sure. I looked and found out Chris was booked into jail at midnight that night. Four days later another detective had taken over the case and came to me to ask more questions. We found out that they took Robbie’s dog to the animal shelter, the animal shelter wouldn’t let Robbie’s girlfriend get the dog for less than $100 unless she had him neutered then it would only cost $10 we both knew Robbie didn’t want the dog neutered but I told her to do whatever she had to in order to get the dog back. I asked the detective if the dog barked or growled at them. He said no the dog was just laying beside the body. I think I not only went into shock right away but also denial, because we still hadn’t seen Robbie, we didn’t see him until Friday February 7,2014 at the funeral home.. On the morning of the funeral my husband came in from work at 5am,walked into the bedroom and asked me who I was talking to. I said Robbie. I could see and hear every word and see him as clearly as if he had been really standing there beside my bed. His birthday was 22 days later, he came to me in my dreams and hugged me. A few months later I kept praying ” please please let me see where my son is” then one day I was laying down looking at the ceiling,crying,missing Robbie and I could see this huge shimmering bridge. I walked hand in hand with Robbie across the bridge, no word’s where spoken but I knew everything he was saying to me. He said momma it’s time to cross the bridge and he jumped in and swam with the fish. ( fishing was his favorite thing to do) I crossed the bridge and could see houses made of glass looking like prisms and you could see in each home. I saw a beautiful girl dancing and knew she was the baby I miscarried,my daughter Sarah, I went farther and saw my daddy and fell into his arms,again no word’s spoken but I remember telling him I didn’t think I could do this, he told me yes you can,your stronger than you think,you may not understand fully until you get here but you will help a lot of people who need you,now it’s time for you to go back. Just that quick I was back looking at my ceiling. As for helping people it’s what helps me the most. I confounded a support group on fb that has almost 300 members. We are called surviving victims of homicide angels. We accept anyone who has lost a love one for any reason. My best feedback is knowing I saved someone else’s life by sharing Robbie and my story. I hope God blesses anyone who reads this.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Lorrie,
      Our life and death stories are so needing to be shared. My heart out to you and every bereaved mom and dad I meet. You are doing the beautiful work now of helping others on their own deep journeys of grief and towards greater understanding. Seeing Chris and knowing you have continuing relationship with him is so healing and you must share that too. As we share about the soul planning created before we were born, trust that is what brings us the new friendships, desire to reach out to others, and the need for clarity on the journey. I hope you’ll keep reading our blog. xoxo

  • Carolyn tuccio

    Sara, how do we become more open to the spiritual signs that our grandson is sending us. I have seen many and they comfort me to a certain point. I still miss him physically. I had a dream about 3 weeks after his accident. I was with my daughter and her three sons, Matthew , being one of them. The boys were having a good time and finally we decided we must go home. We looked for them and could only find two. Matthew could not be found. Then I heard my mom (who has been gone for 10 years) saying tell Laura I have him. He is with me. Then I woke up. Right after Matthews accident I remember telling my daughter that Matthew is with my mom and that she would take care of him. I need to try to connect more but do not know how. Thank you

    • Sara Ruble

      This IS the question Carolyn. We all want more than comes. I did for fifteen years…until this communication from Scott opened up more fully. I now know whatever was soul planned before the death, is what will occur. Your staying open and trusting Matthew will come as needed SPIRITUALLY for your journey or anyone in your family will help you. I suggest working on your grief- read about others experiences, attend support groups, conferences, look for ways to honor Matthew, write notes to him in a journal. You had a very profound dream. Some who are bereaved never experience that…depending on their soul journey. Be grateful for his being here and trust…he knows where you are 🙂

  • Scotty

    Hi Sara, I too believe this with all my heart. There are many books that tell of pre birth soul planning and I’ve read many of them. I actually listened to Robert Schwartz as an audio book. It was perviously published under the name “Courageous Souls. Do we Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth”. I order my books used through so it cost less than $4 including shipping.
    However, my husband just couldn’t listen to it with me. He’s come a long way in accepting that we don’t die except in body but the planning doesn’t work for him. But I believe my son’s passing was chosen by us. I almost can’t believe I can put that in writing. And it has taken almost to years of hard work to get to this point. But I love how you express these complicated & subtle ideas. Tucker is more with me now than any time before being diagnosed with cancer. And then it was absolutely meant to be that I was privileged to spend every day with him until he passed. I am so blessed. How would I have ever come to these realizations? For me it’s also been a spiritual journey. Maybe not for all & that’s okay too. But I’d never otherwise have experienced our shared unconditional love. And once having tasted that, I have been abl to extend that love to all. Sorry…I sometimes just get on a roll.
    I’m very grateful to have stumbled across your blog. I wish I would remember to check in more frequently. You are blessed to have this dialog with your son. Thanks

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Scotty… Thank you for writing. What you have shared with us is beautiful validation of our soul planned lives. I know this as you do…When we know…WE KNOW. It becomes a part of who we are and how we see life…and death. I too had to go through a process of taking in what Scott was showing me in signs and messages and expand my thinking. I just knew there had to be more to life and death. Robert Schwartz’s profound book,now titled Your Soul’s Plan opened me up too Scotty. When we are ready..the teacher comes.
      Thank you, thank you. xoxo

  • Brenda

    Two weeks before my son Taylor died, he came beside my bed, I thought he was asleep and he startled me. It’s like he just had to come say this to me. He was always laughing and joking and happy. He said if I died would you cry? I said oh my God don’t say that, Yes I would cry and never stop. Then I said if I died would you cry ? He did his little chuckle and said nope. I said Taylor!! And we both laughed. He knew he would go before me. His spirit had him tell me. I didn’t think of it again until at the funeral home I was sitting there with him. Quiet, sad. In my head or spirit Taylor said mom! I wasn’t scared or freaked out and I said, in my spirit to him . Yes? He said what should I do? Without hesitation I said it’s ok hun just go. All of this was no spoken words, it was our spirits talking. There was a very brief pause and then like a swoosh sound and I heard him from a distance say , not outloud, wowwwww in the happiest modo excited I had every heard him.

    • Sara Ruble

      What an extraordinary set of experiences you share Brenda. Sharon, in one of the other comments here, also had an experience similar to this. Taylor’s soul plan brought him to you, to share his words that evening. Shocking, I would imagine at the time. To recall his words at the funeral home was needed for your journey. Your conversation then opened you up to a new spiritual relationship with him.

      It is all planned to create openness, trusting in the unknown, and creates the path you take from there.

      Some of you may ask…why hasn’t this happened with my child, my love? Soul plans create what we planned with everyone before we were born. If you can trust that there is DEEP, DEEP meaning in your relationship still, you will see the plan evolve as well. We all will experience that which brought us here to earth…to learn, grow, evolve.
      Thank you so much Brenda… xoxo

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