Why??  Then ask why a million other times too. Why him, why her, why us? Was there not enough love, protection, courage,and guidance? The doctors, the hospital, the treatment…wasn’t it enough? We followed all the rules! We are good people! We used tough love, or we gave all we had, we tried, we never gave up, we wanted for her or him to experience life, to fly.


How many times are those questions answered to our deepest need for truth, an understanding that allows us to accept what was created… Will there ever be enough answers for all we desperately ask?

We become seekers of the truth…of meaning…of depth. We know platitudes do not fill this need. And so we go deeper. Whether it is our anger that drives us, or that insistent voice in our head, our pain, the sadness…the incompleteness of everything…we need more

As Sara, as Scott’s mom, I am able to hear him…I never saw this coming…I even ask “Why me?”  And the answer I get is this…to bring Spirit’s words that I so needed twenty some years ago…to you. I was not given all this wisdom or ability to focus on myself, or to build up my ego… No…it is for you…for anyone wanting to go to that place where we know without a doubt that death cannot end our relationships. And if you are not there yet, please stay with us…Spirit has a plan to show us more…

The love and commitment I have to Scott and his for me is so deep and mysterious, beautiful and even shocking sometimes. I know you feel this too.  Could we have known how much love could carry us day to day as we try to understand death and dying, the afterlife and all that has come into our lives?

Scott/Spirit shares…

When asking ‘Why’ as we know must be asked…the courageous part of Sara never gave up in her desperation to understand life, death and the afterlife.

Her soul plan was one of many years of counseling, many years of searching, then many years of knowing I as Scott was confirming our continuing relationship.

As an educator, Sara/Mom is our voice. She has shared this openly with you for quite some time.

Now a shift has occurred within her, one that she could not make happen on her own…no…it comes from her soul plan. This will allow Sara/Mom to share more about the afterlife, Spirit, death, past lives (you all have been here many times before), spiritual connections, soul planning and more as we channel though her…to teach you. And yes…these are Spirit’s words….your loved ones and children in Spirit.  One voice.

In doing this, there are many of you being opened up to the greater knowing that your children and loved ones are connecting with you…in the magical ways they will.

When you are ready for the deeper aspects of the soul plans and the purpose of every lifetime, the need to understand how past lives create present day experiences can be very helpful.

The present and the past are always creating for the future. Many of you wonder, hoping with your deepest desires that you will see your child, children, and loved ones again when you leave this earth. Yes, yes, yes. The immediate recognition of one another spans many lifetimes, as the memories, love, and experiences of this life are forever carried within each soul…never lost, never diminished.

This death you grieve has opened you up to the shift of a lifetime. Horror, pain, agony…and more… Are you seeing beyond this life knowing signs, messages, new friendships, passion, drive and determination fill your heart too?

What do you do with all that?  You create a new belief system…one that does not exclude, but includes us…your children and loved ones. We are a part of all you do. When you are aware that we are not working separately, but together…your grief changes. 

Knowing that the garden, the path, the memorial you created has my stamp on it too…

Knowing the foundation was created by our soul plans to further education, to help others who are grieving, bettering the lives of others, to save lives…in the special and unique ways you and I had to come together…because I never really left.

Knowing my words come together with yours when you speak at conferences or one on one with another…

Can you trust me to be there even when you cannot see me, hear me, or deliver a sign on demand?  Go deeper. Trust. I am here. We’ll practice this new dance together…

We are spiritual beings…we have past lives together…we know each other so well…

This lifetime, your grief is teaching you to go beyond logic, to grow you spiritually, to see so much more. It’s the plan.


You are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences with your children and loved ones in Spirit.

It’s a new era in spiritual connections. Never before has so much been shared or known. WE know you are ready.  Love IS forever…


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  • Linda

    Sara, this new shift is so exciting! I am looking forward to where this new path takes you and us! Love you and Scott!

    • Sara Ruble

      I’m waiting to see all this too Linda! We are always evolving…in life, through the spiritual aspects of who we are. There is still so much to be seen… It’s powerful! xoxoxo

  • Sally


  • Dee Bone

    Comforting and exciting
    Thank you

    • Sara Ruble

      That is my hope and Spirit’s plan Dee. Bringing comfort by opening up greater knowing to the many aspects of grief, life, death and the afterlife. And it is exciting too…as we live with the awareness that the bigger picture is so, so meaningful and purposeful…and filled with love. Thank you for your perfect words Dee. xoxo

  • Suzanne kovacs

    Forever helping!!! Love you!

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you my dear sister Sue. We could never have imagined my grief going to this place, could we? You know Scott would not give up! Love you too xoxoxo

  • Alba

    I am ready have been….mostly I wish none of us had to be in this place it’s too painful. I have been open, but since my loss almost 2years ago I can say life has lost it’s appeal and I feel like but a empty shell of the person that was ones a true believer of Happy Endings because I knew we never lose our connection. But the hurt kills our joy. The reason loss for now seems to stopped time.

    • Sara Ruble

      I so understand your feelings Alba. Grief is so powerful and changes our perceptions of life and death and everything in between. And then there is the afterlife… We are pushed into a new reality and thus begin the journey/task of understanding who we are, the mystery of spirituality and so much more. It truly is overwhelming. Reading our blog and what others share can be very helpful in knowing you are not the only one feeling what you are. Your journey will show you more. I know it will. Trusting what you knew and felt before about eternal connections shows an openness in you for greater spiritual understanding. Trust… xoxo

  • Dawn Martin

    It’s so comforting to know that someone feels, believes, knows and searches out the same things I do.
    My son Brandon is definitely still with me and he’s even better now ..we discussed extensively that he would come back and let me know he’s ok..and he has.. many many signs and conversations…you just have to be open. I couldn’t go on without this connection which is even stronger today than when he left me physically on 3/13/16.
    I can’t wait to read more💙

  • Joanne

    On mother’s day we lost our 6 year old grandaughter and her father to a murder/suicide. I had lost my own mother when I was only 8 and have tried to adjust to that lost the best I could. I’m not sure what I need right now , for the first few weeks I concentrated on Callie’s mom, my step daughter. Now i find my self seaching for a knew relationship with my granddaughter, in spirt. This has brought me closer to God hoping to establish that goal. Does God help you with your communication with your son? In honoring my grandaughter I must honor God first.

    • Sara Ruble

      My heart goes out to you Joanne. I know God is a part of everything I do. I didn’t always know or feel this, but Scott’s death also brought me closer to God. I believe each of us must find what feels right for us when it comes to God, Higher Power, the Divine….and more, if there is a need. Trust your feelings, your love, your knowing as you establish this new relationship with your granddaughter. I think you will discover even more love as you take this journey… xoxo

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