The Soul Planned Life

The soul plans are not as confusing as you may think…

And it is definitely time to share more…

I want you to know this…and Scott/Spirit insists you have this piece…

You will always be connected to your children and loved ones.  ALWAYS.

Even though you may feel very disconnected today…depending on where you are in your grief…wherever you are on that spectrum…it is a very normal reaction. It also opens you up to the need to know more

Life, death, the afterlife… There is so much. We add this aspect to your knowing today.

The afterlife has always been a part of life and death. For centuries it has been known on some level. Looking back into history, there have always been individuals who could connect with the those who had died. Some times that ability was celebrated and other times it was considered “evil”.

Where are we today?  What is your belief?

We hear from those of you who know…without a doubt  you hear, feel, or see your child or loved ones. Their signs and messages are unmistakable. And yet, your own family may not believe you, or friends question the possibility of afterlife communication…

How can they not believe? They cannot… They are not ready…

It is in the soul planning.

Using my relationship with Scott in this lifetime, I now know he and I have shared thousands of lives in the past. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

Human life has been going on for a very long time…thus we have all lived many, many past lives!

In all the lives I shared with Scott I somehow knew he continued to exist beyond his death…

Although I could not prove it, I knew he was still with me, communicating in ways I was certain of his spiritual existence. In many of those lives, as I innocently, excitedly, naively shouted from the rooftops that I knew Scott was talking to me, I was shunned, ignored, injured, and even killed out of fear. I was considered either crazy or “evil”.  (Please know I don’t believe in evil, but …past history.)

As Scott and I planned this lifetime together…before we were born (as we all do)…we knew society was evolving, most assuredly coming into greater awareness and acceptance of the spiritual connections and communication. It was time for us to come together once again as mother and child…because in this lifetime…my openness about Scott communicating with me would be more widely accepted.  Yes, it was time… So here we are…

And FYI…my learning of our past lives has come from Scott sharing with me, and an eye opening past life regression I experienced.  Scott/Spirit is magnificently wise beyond my human knowing…as are your children and loved ones now in Spirit.

They come together to express ~

We are the feathers, the rainbows, the butterflies, the hawks and cardinals you see.  We are the music, the words that speak directly to you, the repetitive numbers that cannot be denied, the touch, the scent you instantly recognize, the messages on your phone…and hundreds of other ways we show you, proving that we never really left you.

That is the love we need you to feel…and yes, the missing that almost paralyzes you too…

This is a shift in your life…to open you up to the greater knowing of life, death, the afterlife…and soul planning.

Every life is soul planned, every death is planned.  Every lesson is needed, every experience needed…to bring us together, in this new way.  Broken open to see more?  Oh yes… We knew it would be extremely challenging in the human experience…and yet to be a part of this powerful shift in the world view of afterlife communication for us…and the greater good…had to be.  We are all teachers.

Can you imagine we have been in past lives before as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters…needing to come together in this lifetime, to be spiritually connected as never before?  Are you feeling the push from within to seriously work on your grief, be with others who understand you, to come together as soul sisters and brothers, to grow in the midst of confusion and pain, to live with love, within love, and trust it was all planned…on a soul level…where we now exist and teach you?

Your soul plan is at work…day to day…

We are working with you…

Love always…

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  • michelle

    Sara, thankyou for this piece, I always find comfort from your words. I also find so many questions come to the surface. Please tell me your belief in regarding every life and death being “pre-planned” why is there suffering and tortuous deaths. Why not everyone just going peacefully in sleep. why would a murder be pre planned, why would terrifying deaths such as drowning, or other violent accidents be pre planned?

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Michele…it seems unbelievable to plan such violent deaths. I questioned this too… The spirit world is so different from the human perceptions we have. We only know our human experiences and we mostly relate everything to what we know or are able to understand. The depth of Spirit is one that includes the knowing of past lives that will eventually be balanced in future lives. Spirit creates contrast in order for us to see two sides of something and everything in between. Since we do not remember our past lives (or until we have a past life regression or de ja vu moments, we are living in the mystery of our past lives….of who we were, what we created in any life… So it comes to balance in this lifetime. A violent death may seem so wrong, and yet may be the death experience needed for that human to be relieved of the pain from another lifetime…and that creates balance. It does not mean a loved one deserved that death, not at all. When the death experience was soul planned it was known it would create pain, but would be the much needed balance for that soul to be free of certain past life experiences. We all agree to what we will experience when we plan our lives and deaths before we are born. There is more too…that will come through our blogs.
      I hope this makes sense to you Michele, it is a very important question to answer…and complex as well. Thank you for asking… xoxo

  • Patricia Hollinger

    I am a believer…..thanks for sharing your beliefs Sara

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Patricia. We are all learning together! xoxo

  • LH

    I feel the same way.

    • Sara Ruble

      I love how Spirit shows us we are not alone in our beliefs LH. And the community grows… xoxo

  • Heidi Hanson

    Thank you Sara and Scott…your words are so meaningful. It’s funny…I was just asking Tom Zuba at our HPH meeting yesterday if he had read Your Soul’s Plan…and your name came up….and then Irene shared yours and Scott’s post…no coincidences!

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Heidi, no coincidences! As we connect with one another, and how you and I met…soul planned, meant to be…we see so much more in everything. Tom and I have a common bond as well…to teach what we have learned, to bring hope when it is hard to find, to grow through these experiences in ways we never thought possible. I love that we all came together at the HPH (Helping Parents Heal) meeting in Bluffton, SC! Thank you dear friend… xoxox

  • Aileen

    Dear Sara,

    I believe but there is is one aspect of my grief that keeps me stuck, and that is what my daughter, Zoe, had to endure going through her illness and treatment. What is the purpose of all that suffering. Why would a soul choose to suffer? Nothing went right, This is one question that no one has been able to help me with, it has had lasting effects on me, painful images that can’t be erased.

    • Sara Ruble

      I understand your feelings and thoughts Aileen. We can only know what we know and then we are forced to understand what seems impossible… The bigger picture of life and death…why are we here, what does suffering provide other than pain?, WHY?…brings us answers in this way ~ We come to earth in our bodies to experience life. We plan these lifetimes before we are born to experience that which will grow us, stretch us, and literally force us to see more within ourselves, for those around us and more. I cannot imagine the images you carry…but if you are able to trust everything has much GREATER meaning than we can see today…that we are broken open, our lives forever changed by one special child…you see the imprint she left on so many, the impact of her young life, and how she came to change lives in big and little ways. Zoe now knows it all. She sees your pain, stays by your side, and knows you will find your way to greater understanding. My heart to yours…

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