New Ways of Thinking





Anger, hate,

Pain, suffering,  confusion…

What is life really all about?

I ask Scott this question now, because we are going to answer it in a new way.  Challenges are a clear signal Spirit is at work within us.

We share about soul plans now, nearly every time we write.


It is the answer to so many questions that arise as we live with grief. Actually it is every aspect of our lives…when we are happy, filled with love, failure, pain, success, flourishing…everything.

Everything…yes everything is soul planned. Many of you may not like the sound of that.

That’s ok, it’s quite normal…

But I must explain how I got here.

When Scott died/left, I began to see/feel that my old thinking was not providing me with any clear understanding of life, the unbelievable agony of missing him, the unexpected courage that came through me, often like a bolt of lightening, or the confusion of what life is really all about. There were horrible moments…and beautiful ones too… How can we find balance within so much that doesn’t make sense?

I see…feel…know…

It is a new time, a new era for grief relief and continuing relationships. Which is so ironic, because the book I co-authored in 2007 is titled ~ Surviving and Thriving, Grief Relief and Continuing Relationships. I see how much I have learned and grown since we self published that book…as well as the incredible changes in spiritual awareness that have been opened up to us. In ten years, it is vastly different…in beautiful, profound and powerful ways.

This does not mean that today, your grief is not as devastating as it was for me, or others whose children and loved ones left this earth earlier. No, no. Pain and missing cannot be measured in years, or by anything that is seen as a tool of emotional anguish or healing. 

2017 ~ This is time of opening up our awareness…which is coming from Spirit…to ensure us that life continues beyond what we have called “death”. This is a magnificent gift to carry within our broken hearts.

And yes, this blog is titled Death Teaches…because, really truly, it does. The initial shock and mourning that envelopes us when we must face the reality of life ending as we knew it for our children and loved ones…is beyond comprehension in too many ways.

The extraordinary beauty I see in this rather new awareness of our loved ones “leaving”, “returning to Spirit”, “going Home”, “transitioning”, left her/his body”, and other terminology is that we know now that life IS eternal!

But how did we get here?

Scott died/left in 1994. Twenty-three years ago. I have studied my own grief and worked with hundreds of bereaved parents over those years. I now know that not one year of those

twenty-three was wasted…

365 days a year were used to show more, to open me up to a path I could not have seen so early in my grief, with knowledge that could not be learned in any school…or degree of the highest level.

Even today, with the awareness I have developed day to day, with the books and resources that have become available through the years, I am still learning, seeing more than ever…as the spiritual world opens up to us in even greater ways. It is truly extraordinary.

Three weeks ago, as I sat in the Cleveland Clinic, an hour from our home, my husband, Jay, was having open heart surgery. It was  planned, as we discovered in February he needed a new aortic valve. Still, open heart surgery!  He’s done very well and we are happy he’s recovering so quickly. 

I share this, because I took only one book to read for what turned out to be a four hour surgery and five more days at the beautiful, actually world renowned Cleveland Clinic. It was a book I grabbed at the last minute, leaving my other reading choices at home. I clearly knew I was being guided to take Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. I read this book twenty years ago!

As I was rereading each page, with fading yellow highlighted  paragraphs, I was surprised at how much of what I highlighted back then was still so meaningful and powerful today.  I loved that I was so open and wanting, needing, to delve into past lives at that time.

Yes…please keep reading…

We have past lives. We came into this life with a soul plan to take us through another lifetime with everyone who has come into our lives…to find balance and greater understanding, a bigger picture of life and death, and find purpose that could not be found otherwise…

We would not ever choose, we think, to grow in this way. But pain teaches. It forces us to see more, ask for help, demand answers,  go deeper, feel a determination come within us we never knew existed…because we have been taken to a place that nothing makes sense, feels so unfair or cruel, literally shocks us to the core of who we are.

In reading Many Lives, Many Masters I could see so clearly, through Brian Weiss’ discoveries as a well respected psychiatrist, that there is so much more to life and death…and everything in between.

His own life and beliefs were changed forever with what he experienced and learned through one woman’s pain filled life…as her past lives were revealed to both of them.

Prior to reading this book twenty years ago, I had never thought of past lives. I did not have beliefs one way or another if past lives even existed, or cared. But in my desperate need to understand “why” or “how” Scott, my healthy nineteen year old only child could die suddenly…my soul was demanding answers…and this book  soothed my heart…

Scott/Spirit ~

Mom/Sara could never have known that raw morning twenty years ago when she desperately phoned a medium (never had spoken to her before) in California for HELP!!!…that she would awaken her with a three hour time difference, and be given the words…”You need to read

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss”. This gracious woman did not ask for payment, only knew that was the message she was meant to bring to Sara/Mom.

Today, we share those words…for you to consider reading something that may go far beyond your beliefs or comfort level. Spirit teaches in ways that may seem contrary to you…but it may be exactly what you need. Hint, hint!



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  • Lisa Lashaway

    I love the book Many Lives, Many Masters. I believed in past lives before Nick died/left, but in a perfunctory way, but it’s become so much more meaningful. Thank you Sara and Scott. Nick’s mom, Lisa

    • Sara Ruble

      How interesting you had already been tuned into past lives prior to Nick’s leaving Lisa…and now understanding it much more deeply. Many Lives, Many Master’s illustrates so many incredible aspects of past lives, I hope others can benefit as you and are. Thank you for commenting! xoxo

      • roselyn tomasulo

        I lost a Nick also. My only child , age 23

        I read it voraciously looking for relief…with some but not really. More Understanding of a subject I knew little of . Fed my brain with science because my heart was/ is too broken to think. Thank you for sharing your sorrow and knowledge

        • Sara Ruble

          I understand Rosalyn…but you read Many Lives, Many Masters and the premise is now within your thinking. Perhaps in time you will revisit it and find greater understanding. I hope you continue to seek out other books and find that which helps you on this complex journey. I’m glad you are reading our blog and hope you are finding help here too. Thank you for writing. xoxo

  • Terri Petz

    Beautiful as always, Sara. I made the decision to become a hypnotherapist because of Dr. Weiss’ work. I have learned so much in the past 3 years, but still yearn for more. Knowledge becomes strength for me, and continues to move me toward my life purpose. As i allow Spirit to guide me, I let go of the need to know where I am going. And I treasure each teacher, like you, that give words of encouragement and spiritual truth. While reading this post, i heard my Sheridan start singing. “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”. It jas become a mantra of sorts. Just keep rowing, co-creating with each beautiful person I meet along the way. So grateful to have found you.

    • Sara Ruble

      As we find one another on this journey of heart and soul Terri, we begin to see even greater meaning in our connections and purpose while in the body. As you are learning, we do need to let go of what we think we need to see the beauty of Spirit’s guidance. I so love what Sheridan sang to you, and the meaning you know she needs you to understand. It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing…you are my teacher too. xoxox

  • Irene

    How interesting that I am right now rereading many Lives, Many Masters right now….

    • Sara Ruble

      I love that Irene! I think we both got the same memo! This is how Spirit works and I know you know this too…in opening their lines of communication through us. So awesome…just so awesome! Love you! xoxo

  • LH

    I have that book too! Isn’t it interesting that a few of us have already gravitated towards the same book. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s next on my list.

    • Sara Ruble

      There are never any coincidences LH. Trusting the soul journey opens us up to one another is the beauty of seeing more than you ever thought…even in the midst of grief. I hope the book brings you the answers you are seeking, or peace of mind that the bigger picture (Spirit) is working within us all the time. I’d love to know what you think of it! xoxo

  • Cynthia ( Cindy) Haller

    If we come to this life with a soul plan, doesn’t that eliminate ‘free will’?

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Cindy,
      Yes my friend. As the title of this blog states…New Ways of Thinking. We are being shown through signs and dreams that this new thinking now includes messages from our children. Did you ever think that would be possible? I know I didn’t…
      In the ways Spirit shows us more about afterlife connections, they are also wanting us to go a step further and consider soul plans are guiding us, even more than what we call free will. We like to think we have control and can make all our decisions…and then something occurs that shows us that we really had no control over the outcome. I know this freaks many people out and they will not agree there is no free will, but as mothers and fathers, siblings, grandparents, and others we often see more than the average person as we delve into the workings of Spirit. As we learn we are spiritual beings in our bodies having spiritual experiences…we begin to see the soul planning in everything…including the lack of free will. I hope this helps explain a very deep question in a way you need Cindy. Please let me know if you want to talk about this sometime… xoxo

  • Carolyn tuccio

    I have an insatiable appetite for reading. I read tom Zuba, permission to mourn, a new way to do grief. Option b, easy grief, light between us and many more. I keep reading to find more answers to give me comfort as to why my grandson left this earth and returned Home at the early age of 20. I never gave much thought to reincarnation but now believe that the soul has many spirits who come back to finish another journey. I know I will see my grandson when I pass but am still struggling with what my life plan is. Thank you SAra and Scott for helping me in this journey. Will defiately read the book you are speaking of. Much love carolyn

    • Sara Ruble

      Carolyn, you are following your journey! Every day, the steps you are taking to understand your grandson’s death shows you something more. You have such a need to read and grasp the immensity of it…because that is what you soul planned with your family and particularly your grandson. He is the opening for your heartbreak…and also your growth. When we have such a deep need for anything it is our soul pushing us in that direction. Please let me know how you feel about Many Lives, Many Masters after you read it, and if you have questions. I hope it answers more for you… xoxo

  • Lainey MacArthur

    Hi Sara,

    Like you said – No coincidences!! I read this book about a year before my son Chris passed. It did resonate with me but I know now that I need to read it again… sits on my bookshelf. I am learning and growing everyday – sometimes it does feel like one step forward, two steps back, but I have come to realize that is ok too. I really am learning to be patience with myself and try to let go and not force myself into any particular belief. I still do have so much grief and sadness, but I learning to let it flow through me and be my teacher. We are all teachers, aren’t we? Every day I try to gain some sort of lesson. Your blog and the poignant words of you and Scott, continue to help open me up to new ways of thinking and I am getting closer to really believing I will see my Chris again. Thanks!xoxo Lainey

    • Sara Ruble

      I find it so interesting too Lainey, that you and others had read Many Lives, Many Masters before your children left. In time, we begin to see the dots being connected. In rereading it, I hope it can help you even more now. I believe it is another piece to the mystery of our soul journeys being opened up to us. There is much work we must do in every lifetime, and this book gives even more meaning to it…
      Yes, my friend, we are all teachers. 🙂 I listen closely to everyone I speak with, knowing their spirit is sharing with me, teaching me, showing me something I need. I hope we can continue to enlighten you Lainey with Spirit’s words. Thank you for writing. xoxo

  • Carolyn tuccio

    Hi Sara. I just finished reading many minds many masters and it actually blew me away. The reference to nature and its existing harmony was beautiful. So wish the world could. Be like that. I will try better to do my part. My beliefs in reincarnation is confirmed. I am certainly open to connecting with my grandson in a greater way and believe that if I keep myself open and relay my growth to my family that it might be part of my journey. I need to keep honoring my grandson and spread his love. Thanink you and spirits for providing
    Insight for me. Xoxo

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Carolyn…Yes, I felt the same away about the book. There IS so much more for us to learn about life, death and the afterlife. I was surprised the first edition of Many Lives, Many Masters came out in 1988! I think it all has been waiting for us to tap into it one by one…and perhaps now by the hundreds. You are doing your important spiritual work…steadfastly and with determination to understand all this too. I’m certain you will see more and feel even greater closeness to your grandson as you grasp even more details. Love to you… xox

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