Who Am I Now?

As the immense love for our children and loved ones is shifting our thinking, opening our minds…through their big and small signs that cannot be denied…we are changed.

Through our missing them, we are changed.

Through our growing and understanding more about life and death…we are changed.

We are being transformed by grief and love…with determination on both sides. Our love, their love.

Is it time…for the opening of new spiritual meaning about life and death?  Through our loved ones deaths we are being pushed to see more, feel more, and trust more than ever…and we find confirmation that they never really left us.

Our need to understand more about the spiritual growth we experience is a force within that requires us to dig deeper into our soul and find that truth for ourselves.

Again we share… “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having human experiences.”  This knowing came to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), a French philosopher who was given these profound words to share with humanity. They have been around for a long time…

And yet not spoken of or widely shared… Why?

It was not time.  Pierre was well ahead of his time… He was considered a mystic…and he could hear God/Spirit.

His words are authentic and real…and forever will help us see the relationship between our children and loved ones in Spirit…and ourselves.

As our awareness on this soul journey opens us up to new ways of looking at grief and pain, life beyond, and continuing relationships…spiritually we are opening up to the place where our loved ones are taking us.

Taking our hand and gently pulling us along? Is it that easy?

Oh no…they push us…to begin to see they did not leave as we once thought. They remain with us, spiritually showing us through signs, dreams, messages and more that knock us over at times…insisting we listen… Always in their perfect timing…not ours. 

If you think you have not had messages yet, but are reading us here…hang on. You are opening up to something new. Trust that.

The connection we have with our children and loved ones now in Spirit is ongoing. We may not hear from all of them, but their history remains with us, within us…in DNA or memories, through others…as it needs to be for every relationship. Because the connections are eternal…and flow from lifetime to lifetime.

How do I know this?

Because the words flow through me to this page…as they did for Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  As I’ve openly shared before, Scott, my beloved son, comes to me and through me to teach me…and you…

Scott continues…

You all are Spiritual beings in human bodies…having human, yet spiritual experiences.

Spirit to Spirit…we are eternally connected by love and the commitment to grow, evolve, see more, and do more…together…in this lifetime and beyond.


Trusting the bigger picture of life and death allows you in the human body to begin to see the spiritual part of who you are…that is connecting you with the spiritual love and knowing of your children and loved ones…

Grief and pain may be opening you up to new thinking…and yet it is not new. It is decades and centuries old… It is how every lifetime is lived. Soul plans. Grief and pain. Growth. Survival…even when you don’t think you will or can survive.

Trust you have come with a soul plan…and that your grief is the impetus for growth…within the plan. Everyone coming to earth knows they will die, how they will die, when they will die…before they are born. It was planned before you were born…

In the ways you are growing and feeling that Pain is the biggest teacher you will ever have…we change that to…your loved ones in Spirit, with God are the Greatest Teachers you will ever have.

We are the force behind the signs, the love that shows up in your life…and stops you or thrills you or both. It may be confusing…and set you back until you are able to see greater meaning in what took place. We are the pain of missing and create confusion…and also the source of what pushes you to read and see more…listen and hear more…and assure you that your love is the greatest bond to us in Spirit.

This bond of unconditional love is one that cannot be broken or ignored. You may feel that already… It is immensely beautiful and forever.

Take a deep breath in and know this… Your love and our love is the place where we meet. Your pain and our love is the place where we meet. This place of reality now…

We see your growth and your death and everything in between. It is planned. You are a magnificent spiritual being doing your work here… And that is how we see you. Trust our love.

Sara and Scott


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  • Roselyn

    My sons father said he felt Nick died so we could live and fulfill our purpose and I wanted to scream at him.
    it was too early for me to hear anything remotely positive about the death of my only child.
    I am open to his words now.
    And I prayed . For faith, insight, strength to survive. Your words , Scott’s words teach me, help heal and bring some hope
    Thank you

    • Sara Ruble

      I understand your reaction Roselyn. So, so hard to hear early on…but insightful in time. We all need that time…to find our way. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope we can continue to bring hope to you… xoxo

  • Dee Bone

    So beautiful. Thank you Sara and Scott spirit for the love and guidance through the sorrow and pain.


    • Sara Ruble

      I trust Scott/Spirit’s words will help those who are ready Dee. I know there is more for us to share. Thank you for your kind words. xoxo

  • Lainey MacArthur

    Dear Sara ~ Again, your words bring hope, healing and insightful truths at a time I need them so much. I am trying to open myself up to more learning and growing as I go through the grief of losing my son Chris. I actually feel that I was lead to you—-and am starting to believe that it could be my Chris….his spirit, guiding me in the direction that will help me heal but at the same time, gently showing me ways I can find my purpose during my earthly life and possibly help others along the way. Your words, Scott’s words give me encouragement and help me ever so slowly
    (at times) believe that Chris is still here. That is what I need to embrace; that he is with me always and as you say and know, our love and relationship continues….I want to believe that and you are one of my guides!! Thank you Sara. Lainey MacArthur

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Lainey, all that you wrote here is the work we have to do. To begin to see that our new reality does include our children is so necessary to see our love continues to flow. We came into this world to be together, to learn and grow together and individually. Give yourself time to feel that more and more. Chris to doing his spirit work with you and helping you in ways he knows you need. I hope we can continue to guide you Lainey. Thank you! xox

  • Audrey Dirksen

    So profound, beautiful words, once again. The day you posted this was my son’s birthday, Sara, so this certainly hit home for me. Perfect timing! Love to you~Audrey

    • Sara Ruble

      How wonderful Audrey. Trust in Spirit’s perfect timing. I had been thinking about you…so interesting. 🙂
      Love to you too. xox

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