The Love Is The Piece That Remains Forever

When the love is the piece you miss the most…can you imagine it is the piece that lasts forever? It is the part of your relationship that cannot ever be broken or lost. It is the piece that cannot ever be ignored… It is all so deeply a part of you.

We are the ones bringing these words.


Mom/Sara is typing… We are bringing the words she and we know must be heard today, tomorrow, next week, next year…and beyond.

The love…the pain and the missing are the angst and fears you feel and live with…


It is the way life has been flowing since day one.  Day ONE.

No one can remember the lives past when you experienced life with this child, children, brothers, sisters, parents, husbands, wives, all loved ones who have left this earth earlier than you wanted or could have imagined.

We must share with you that life is eternal…

This life is one of many you have experienced with those your hearts grieve.

Does that help you today?

Whether is has been one week, one year, ten years…or longer…

WE need you…to understand the deeper truths of life and death. These truths have been kept mysteriously quiet through the years, decades, centuries…because they had to be.

We now open them up…Spirit coming through Sara/Mom and others to open your new reality to the knowing that there are further explanations coming…

That love is the basis for all relationships. The love is the continuing piece that will bring you together again…in the future…when the time is right.

You cannot choose or determine when that time is…it comes only through your soul plans. And nothing can change the soul plans you agreed to before you were born. The plans you created with Spirit/God/Your loved ones in this lifetime…before you were born…knowing these experiences would grow you, show you more, evolve you, your family, friends…evolving all those around you and the greater good too.

Soul plans are the teachers and creators of the lives and deaths of all who come to earth.  They live within you…the knowing is that deep. Nothing is ever, ever, ever random.

We will be back next week with more…depth, explanations, clarity…

With great love,


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  • Carolyn

    Thank you Sara. It’s easy to feel my son’s love when I just slow down and think of him.

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes, Carolyn…and allow the soul plan to open you up… You and Cameron. So good. xox

  • Donna

    I feel my son hold my hand and his love. I try to talk to him but am unsure weather it is his words I’m hearing or my thoughts.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Donna,
      Our children use many ways to connect with us. Always remember they are coming with their love in the form of energy and are able to create anything. I would trust what comes…in the form of hand holding, love, words. Write them down so you have them always…
      And yes…trust! xox

  • Cathy

    Thank you
    Chris’s mom

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Chris… There will be more coming… xox

  • Shari

    It seems this same messgae is coming in many different ways right now. I was looking for a quote two days ago for a journal I was making and was led to these.

    “Not only do we have our loved ones who have crrossed over in this lifetime, still very much with us in spirit form. We have many loved ones from the many lifetimes, which we have all lived, who are close by.”

    And this one.

    “Our true form is spirit/energy. We are all spirit beings. We have chosen to come here in our human form to grow spiritually; to learn, to teach, accomplish things, experience life, and most important of all, and what everything we are here to do revolves around….Love. How we treat one another.

    So beautifully written. Thanks, Sara & Scott!

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Shari, for sharing these wonderful quotes. I love that Spirit is coming to us in various ways to teach us…the message is the same. It is time for us, as a community to see more, understand more, to grow…and heal in new ways.
      I appreciate you and your important spiritual work! xox

  • Bobby Morton

    Thank you Sara, as always… I am so grateful that we connected! Your words through Scott are very inspirational to all of us traveling this journey and open to spirit. I, like you, am surrounded by my son, Jared’s spirit. His Hawk spirit is with me every day, wherever I go. He has come to me most every day since his funeral. I was validated by my medium, Rachel Perry, when some of the first words she spoke to Cynthia and I were “Dad, stop worrying about me, I am the hawk!” How wonderful it is knowing that even though we miss our children in the physical presence, they are always with us spiritually!

    • Sara Ruble

      This is truly what we write about Bobby. Knowing the spirit of our children and loved ones remain, surrounding us with their continuing love is so important and needed. In doing so, they give that “lift”, that knowing that there IS more to life and death. Yes, we MUST work (and it is work) on our grief to find our path beyond…but knowing we are being guided is the deepest, most satisfying feeling there may be on this journey. Thanks Bobby. xox

  • Debbie

    Thank you Sara. You’re words are so comforting.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you so much Debbie. To touch the lives and hearts of those who are grieving is filled with deep gratitude for me. I could never have known I would be doing this kind of work after Scott suddenly died. Trust the journey…it will show you more. xox

  • Linda

    Barry and I used to talk often about our feeling that we had been together in other lives. I believe that with my whole being. This is an important message you and Scott are bringing to the world.
    Thank you!?

    • Sara Ruble

      My sweet friend…what a gift it was for you and Barry to share those deep thoughts and feelings. To begin to grasp the bigger picture of all this is to go into that place of discovery and greater awareness. The answers do come in ways we never expect and the love we feel is continually shown when we look beyond… Love you! xox

  • Stephanie robinson

    I have learned so much from your blogs sarah, I devour everything I can read to ease this journey, I do question however, if we incarnate again and again are our loved ones still with us even though living another life, this confuses me, I hope my Brandon is always with me and that last few months I haven’t felt his spirit with me, thank you and Scott for sharing, I so look forward when a new blog arrives

    • Sara Ruble

      Thanks for asking this important question Stephanie… I know this is all new and every aspect of our children’s death are needing to be understood as best they can. The spiritual path opens us to a new realm and new thinking. When we help you understand, we help others.
      Our lives or never ending. Spiritually we come to the earth as human beings when we need to…in order to experience, grow, learn, evolve and so much more. Every life is completely planned before we are born, so our relationships are too. As you and Brandon planned this life, or Scott and I, we knew we had purpose in being together and that all that was planned was done in unconditional love and with great meaning. You two have been together in many lives, as Scott and I have. The amazingness of Spirit/God is that every life is valued beyond measure and never lost or diminished. Brandon’s life as Brandon, shared with you will always be. In this life, he will always be Brandon. Spiritually you know him as Brandon as well as every other life you two have shared…and always will. Our relationships are held within the soul…never forgotten and always recognized by those within the relationship. Brandon will always be a part of your life.
      Why have you not felt him for awhile? Only Brandon/Spirit/God knows why. We all have to experience this Stephanie…because in the in-between-times, in our concerns, fears, or needs, we seek out answers and search for “WHY?”. We learn more, go deeper, meet others seeking the same answers, evolve and grow trying to understand in our separation and desperation. It all has purpose… BIG spiritual purpose that many not make sense to you right now. And so we trust more…ask more…find more.
      I hope this helps you understand… More explanations are coming in the blogs. I’m glad you are with us Stephanie… xox

  • mary

    Thank you for your words
    It helped me in so many ways!!
    My heart is broken but this helps to ease the pain!!!!

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Mary… It fills my heart up knowing our words help. I’ve been where you are in so many ways…I know the need is great for answers. Please continue to read…more is coming. xox

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