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What do we mean by soul planning? | Death Teaches

What do we mean by soul planning?

Sometimes when I look back on my grief and the journey that has brought me from there to here…I can hardly believe I got here…

How could I understand something so deep, so big, and seemingly so final with so little information or prior knowledge?

All I know…is this. I did it…in between all the fears, tears, anger…and chaos…

Grief created an opening for me to know… We plan our lives before we are born.

Somehow, somehow I would try to understand this new mind blowing concept I’d read about…

WHY would I plan a life with Scott… Scott who I love more than anyone else I’ve ever loved…and plan to live on even after his death?

That is crazy.

Unless, like me…you desperately need to understand life and death….and find out where this beloved child is now…

I need to know!

And so…I began to open up to that which I’d never known before…

I needed a new language.

Spirituality, soul plans, pre-birth planning, bigger picture

And somehow…I began to find a deeper sense of peace within these words…as I understood them more fully…

New concepts, new thinking…and deeper relationships with my loved ones on the Other Side.

Especially Scott…

Don’t give up!” I would hear through his signs…

Believe I am right here with you…”

Courage came in the form of taking that leap from my old thoughts to the new…

Thoughts and concepts my family and friends had never heard either…

The words…I am a spiritual being in a human body…having human experiences…within my spiritual experiences. As I’ve written before…these words brought me the knowing that Scott and I are always Spirit.

Whether I am here and he is with God, in Spirit…or our roles could be reversed…we are both Spirit.

We are ONE in the same… in that spiritual sense of being eternally connected.

Did this help me?

Oh yes. YES

It took me out of my human constant thinking (obsessing)…into that bold new aspect of our planning our lives together…even after his death.

I literally grabbed onto this (new to me) thinking…

So how does all this work?

Life and death…death and spirit…spiritual beings in human bodies…Spirit.

New language…new thinking…new growth…

I cannot talk nor will not talk anyone into my beliefs…but I can tell you this…

Knowing the signs and dreams and messages I was receiving from Scott were showing me miraculous things…I knew somehow Scott was reaching out to me to teach me. Many of you may feel this way too…

His messages to me were too big, bold, and extraordinarily beautiful to forget…or to not share with others. I was elated with each one as they literally took my breath away…

So what was my part in our new ongoing love relationship?

To open my mind up to this new way of having a relationship with my beloved only child…

Grief…as you know…is demanding…and insistent

It is…because we are, as the grieving…in a change mode…it is the way we cross over to new thinking…

The more uncomfortable we are…the more we seek answers…search for relief…desperate to connect…and we find greater meaning.

Desperation moves us… Intense love moves us… Missing moves us…when we don’t give up searching for that which can teach us.

It is a path to us finding ourselves again…and the new relationship we so crave with our loved ones.

For me…searching, reading, getting help, listening to the signs…continued to push me towards Scott. Yes, towards Scott.

Was that the plan all along?

Scott/Spirit’s words…

It IS the plan Mom…

The soul planning we agreed to before we were born…hundreds of years ago even…is to further the understanding of life and death at a time when death is demanding to be more fully understood.

The need to understand WHY we would plan so much pain when it really is all about love…is so confusing.

If you had not loved me so fully and deeply Mom…would you have suffered for so long? Would you have gone to much needed counseling for years? Would you have reached out to other moms and dads for the mutual support you all needed? Would you have built the children’s memorial that now has memorial bricks for over six hundred children?

Did your grief create all that? Can you see the meaning and purpose here that surpasses what you could have ever imagined?

If you had not loved me so strongly Mom…would you have been able to let go more easily?

You never gave up.

This intense love we share and soul planned for pushed you and will push others to find their new language…new ways to do grief, to be the teacher, be the student….

Your life, your grief, Mom…was to open this new spiritual path up to you…and take you to places of deeper meaning and greater purpose in this life.

Everyone’s life has such great meaning…and is not often seen, until it is… Your life…other moms and dads lives…husbands and wives, brothers and sisters…family and friends…even acquaintances are changed by ONE life leaving this earth.

Life is a series of experiences Mom… All soul planned. Every day…more experiences will come to teach you, show you more about yourself and others… These are experiences that demand you pay attention and seek new meaning…

Life always will be your teacher… Death now is your teacher too. It has great meaning… No coincidences, nothing is random…

We are living our soul planned lives Mom… Everything is soul planned.

With love,
Scott and Sara

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  • Audrey

    Dear Sara- Amazing how your posts always speak to me, exactly what I need to hear, perfect timing. I am sure I speak for so many! Thank you Sara! Thank you Scott! Much Love~ Audrey

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Audrey… It is always wonderful to know we are helping. I’ve learned that Scott/Spirit knows what needs to be written in each of our blogs. Of course 🙂
      It’s so amazing to be on this spiritual path with others and see the awareness growing. I so appreciate your words. xoxo

  • Cynthia Haller

    Sara and Scott,
    When we lost Matthew ( still can’t say died because to me he is not dead but very much alive. He has died in the physical sense not spiritual) I too, out of desperation, opened up to a spirituality that was new to me but as I searched, read book after book, sought out mediums, connected to grieving parents who were on a similar spiritual path, Matthew’s passing opened my mind to a spiritual knowledge that finally made sense. I have always said that I am God’s most difficult student and that remains so today. I challenge every new physical life experience that doesn’t reconcile with the meaning of spiritual love. With all this said, I thank Scott and you for your on going commitment to connecting to those of us who are grieving and seekers. Your support and love help me. I always look forward to reading past and new thoughts of our physical and spiritual journey. Please continue! I also appreciate when I see a ‘like’ on one of my FB’s post. Scott, to you. I also say thank you and also ask a favor. Find my Matthew/spirit and help him help our family and me on this difficult journey with further enlightenment. Blessings of love !

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Cynthia… You are doing the work that is so needed on this journey into greater knowing. Trusting Matthew is with you and guiding you and your family in ways that may not be showing boldly…trust he is there. Soul planned for certain. Thank you for sharing and expressing your thoughts so fully. You help us to see ourselves in your words. xoxo

  • JoAnn Brozowski

    I lost my only child, Tyler, at age 24 in 2010. I had always felt deep down that my son and I had a connection even before his conception and birth. That he and I were meant to share a life. And deep down inside I had always felt that I would lose him. I loved him more than life itself. On a day when I was feeling tired – tired of fighting to get through another day, tired of having this weight around my heart hour after hour and day after day, I got this post. It was needed, it was perfect, it was true.
    Blessings for being there exactly when I needed it.
    JoAnn Brozowski

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you JoAnn… Perfect timing is indeed a part of soul planning… That when you are ready…the words, the love, the knowing comes…and often quite unexpectedly. Your knowing about Tyler and your feelings of that deep connection is so beautiful and yet had to be so hard. The love we share with our children surpasses what society may think or ever know. As we come together as a community of parents, our awareness can only grow as we learn from one another. Thank you. xoxo

  • Patricia

    Sara, the words so resonate for me. My son Michael died 2009 at the age of 46. He had suffered from chronic pain for many years, so I was/am glad he is free from pain that I could not “fix” for him. On the other hand, I miss him desperately as do you. His brother was born with profound birth defects…..cytomegalic inclusion disease……and only to live days, weeks, months and continues to live and now age 50. I don’t understand on this earthly realm why he lives and Michael died, but know there is a reason that I can’t grasp on this side of the veil. However, their lives certainly enhanced my spiritual seeking which began early in my life and led to the truths that you speak of.

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes, Patricia… The confusion of what might have been continues to confuse us…and yet pushes us to find answers and clarity. Your boys and their life experiences, ever so different than you could have thought…are opening you up to a spiritual journey that is so important. It will I’m sure, show you more in the future. Grief and love and all that you have experienced is quite a profound journey. Thank you for sharing Patricia. xoxo

  • Gabriele Goldberg

    This is such a wonderful article !
    I just lost my 18 year old daughter to brain cancer . It has only been 3 month since I lost her .
    I still have not been able to feel or see any signs or dreams about her .
    This article gives me hope

    • Sara Ruble

      Oh my Gabriele…only three months. Trust the love you and your daughter share and will always share will show itself. Spiritual timing and soul planning go beyond our human consciousness…but we can begin see it evolve. Keep the hope… You’re not alone on this journey. Trust more is coming. xoxo

  • Ingrid Otter

    I have met you a few times at different conferences. Wow, just love this article you have posted… You have an amazing way with words, AND IT IS EXACTLY how I am dealing with the grief/LOVE of my son Ricky! I have completely changed my way of thinking, listening to the SIGNS OF LOVE and everything feels so much better within my soul. I miss Ricky in the physical sense and that will never change, but on the spiritual side I have such comfort and love with Ricky!! Thank you Sara and Scott!!

    • Sara Ruble

      Hi Ingrid…I remember you! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of having to change your thinking too… I found that my grief was too big and demanding to not find a new way of looking at life…and death. To find the comfort you have in your spiritual beliefs is so important and that you have found what works for you Ingrid. So good. Hope to see you again…maybe next summer? xoxo

  • Barbara Saunders

    Sara, you have stated this perfectly. More people need to understand this concept about experiences, the life plan, the people who choose to participate in our life do so and are our greatest teachers, but as a “human” we forget this. We forget what we came to do on earth, but gradually some come to understand the spiritual, soul and the human duality involved for our growth on earth at this time. The growth is far beyond our humanness. Thank you for sharing.
    In light and love

    • Sara Ruble

      Hi Barb…Thank you for sharing your knowing of our lives here on earth. I agree. The journeys we all come here to earth to live and experience are constantly showing us more about ourselves. Ultimately…that is our soul journey expressing itself through our human experiences. This is all very deep and meaningful…and when it begins to make sense to us, it is SO helpful in understanding more about life and death. xox Sara

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