2015… A new year

When the love for Scott brought me to that place of the greatest pain I could have ever known…I had to…had to…had to…find more to help me.

As I wrote last year…with my words intertwined with Scott’s…my beloved child in Spirit…we share my grief journey…20 years of all that has come to me, come to be…and the knowing that Scott never left me.

As I hoped to write in December I was shown it was not time… As I shared before…we sit at the computer and write and write…and then delete.

OK, Ok, yes, I understand, I would say. I am not in charge of writing this blog. But what about our readers…I would ask.

It’s not time yet Mom… I would hear.

Scott did not give me the specifics of why it was not time…only that it wasn’t.

Yes, I’ve learned Spirit does not work as I think…with my human mind.

Patience. Trust.

And so I waited…waited…and waited…as each week passed.

It’s not time

But…throughout…I was learning more and seeing more… And then I knew. I had needed this time to become more aware of my own spiritual journey and my abilities. Yes… it was all as it needed to be.


Now… We can share more with you Mom…I hear Scott say.

The blog we wrote last year from February to November 2014 is a book in itself, he said.

Our readers who are grieving have access to fifty blogs…with your journey Mom, and my part in all of it. They can be accessed at anytime at www.deathteaches.com and we hope those who have not read all our blogs will make time to do so…

It is your grief journey Mom…but for anyone who is as desperately seeking answers as you have…there is a plethora of information in our blog. And the ongoing relationship we share is so important for others to read…to take in…to see similarities, new insights…feel hope.

Because as you truly know now…death does teach…and opens up new ways of looking at life and death…and everything in between. It is the journey of grievers helping one another that helps to open the hearts and minds of the hurting…

And so…in this new year Mom… We bring the opening of new and even more insightful words from Scott…Spirit…

These words will be a continuation of last years profound channeled words…and more.

To all our friends who have joined in with us…grieving with broken hearts and seeking answers that seem to have so few answers…

We give you this today…

Our work will be based on those very important words for Mom… “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

These life changing words first came to Mom from a dear friend who had watched another bereaved mom on an Oprah show. Truly important words that profoundly helped actress Susan St. James, following the death of her beloved son.

Jane Gonczy, Mom/Sara’s long time friend, immediately wrote those few lines down, printed them up, placed them into a lovely little frame…

And sent that unexpected love gift to Sara…so many years ago.

That frame sits on Sara’s kitchen counter…as a reminder…always.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences…

We share this with you too…because Jane died just days ago…January 3…in a car accident… So sudden and shocking…

Death came again…

And as Sara received the sad phone call from another dear friend, informing her of Jane’s accident…she heard ever so clearly, Jane’s words, “I’m here.”

It had been just hours since Jane’s incredible spirit had left her body…

Jane was the messenger once more…

The love Mom/Sara has for Scott and Jane too…created in her the ever enormous need to have new ways to look at life and death… and who we all are now.

Because of the deep, deep need to understand life and death, spiritual communication, and afterlife communication…we will begin to reveal more in 2015.

A new year…new insights…clearly channeled through Sara/Mom.

This is her soul planned journey. She could never have known…

What might yours be…with this grief so ever present in your life?

It all has meaning…

More will be revealed…

Much love,
Sara and Scott

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  • Ingrid Otter

    Sara, first off I would like to convey my deepest sympathy on the passing of your dear friend Jane Gonczy…… I just love the words, they are so simple yet so profound!! I will be keeping them handy as well, as a reminder…..

    Thank you Sara and Scott

    Hugs to you Sara

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Ingrid for your kind words. Jane’s presence in my life as an amazing friend and now as a teacher illustrates how meaningful and important our spiritual connections are. I hope you find those words as profound as I have… We’ll write more about that. xox

  • Jane Bissler

    Dear Sara,
    I’m so sorry to learn of your friend’s death. My heart reaches out to you in compassion.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Jane. I’m so grateful to have known Jane G. She was a beautiful spiritual being in a human body…and now she sees it all. xox

  • Kathy MacMannis

    Dear Sara,

    So sorry to hear of your good friend’s passing. But as usual you bring an uplifting message. To hear “I’m here” must have felt like a hug.

    Thank you and Scott for sharing with us and helping me to begin to trust the experiences that I’ve been having.

    Much love,

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Kathy, Jane’s words to me were exactly that…a hug. Take a breathI am still here… It is so profoundly important and helpful to receive validated that death is not what I had always heard or thought. Spiritually it is an eternal life…and I was shown that once more by my dear friend.. It is my greatest hope that my experiences can help others like you…to lessen your pain. Thanks for writing… xox

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