There is More!


We are back… Whew!

And continuing our blog…Scott and I…after a period of intense learning on my part.

Oh yes…intense, deep, filled with love and new knowing for me…

I am taught by my son Scott, now in Spirit. I am still totally in awe of the process!

I know it may sound crazy or far fetched or even wishful thinking…

Some of you reading my words might say… I understand Sara. I am experiencing this too


I know what I know.

Scott…died. Now in Spirit…he teaches me. His words flow through me… It is a miracle

We are connected by our spiritual plan…

I come from this place…of trusting our lives have great meaning…

(And a quick note to those of you who have not read Death Teaches before)

If you are new to Death Teaches… Please go to my blog site ( and begin reading our archived blogs…to get to know me, my son Scott, who died suddenly at age nineteen, and our life and death journey. It is a collection of fifty blogs…written to help you understand more about death…and life…and it may answer many of your deepest and hardest questions. 


I live my life knowing I am a spiritual being…having human experiences.

I listen and watch…patiently (had to learn that)…to see what comes to me next. What will life show me? What will Scott’s words bring me?  I know I am guided… There is no doubt ever of that.

Is life so easy for me now that I DO know this? Well, it depends on the day…

We all come to this earth to learn…experience…and grow… There is purpose in every day. 

I know it all has meaning…and I value every experience in my life now in ways I never could have before…


We hope it will be a lovely, happy life in all ways…for us, our family, our friends…and others…

And then we see…in reality… It doesn’t always come so beautifully…or easily…

Pain, grief, chaos… 

While I asked and screamed out WHY ME about a million times in the last twenty or so years…and even before then too…

Nothing sucked the life out of me like Scott’s sudden death…

The learning came out of pure desperation…as I wrote earlier…

There was nothing helping me find peace…


I sought out help…and searched for answers… I worked harder than I ever have…and in time…began to see more.

Death comes.  It is a part of life.

We cannot stop it.

It is an insistent teacher. It forced me through that enormous, unrelenting pain to learn, to grow…to teach.


Death Teaches…

And now…

We are back… Scott/Spirit and me, his mom, Sara

We will continue to share more about those confusing…yet incredibly profound life and death lessons…

Spiritually, Scott/Spirit…one with Spirit and your loved ones too…will bring us greater insights… 

We have much in common, you and I…

Different journeys…different states, countries…backgrounds, beliefs…

Even so…we have a deep yearning and need for answers and a connection with our loved ones…now on the Other Side.

We have much in common.


Sara and Scott/Spirit


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    Thank you Sara and Scott/Spirit! I ALWAYS look forward to reading your blog. And, I too am learning to be patient as I continue searching for connections to my sons, Gary and Tony who have passed over to their new spiritual home.
    xoxo Deborah

    • Sara Ruble

      I appreciate your kind words Deborah. I hoped when we began the blog that others would and could relate to my journey and experiences. When we can begin to trust the journey…maybe on day at a time…we can open up to new thoughts and greater meaning. Thanks so much…and my heart goes out to you. xox

  • Susan

    Hi Sara,
    Welcome back. I’ve missed reading your blog. Thank you and Scott for your messages. Our son Ethan died in October 2013. He too was our only child. I still feel new to this journey and have lots to learn. But I try each day. Some days are more successful than others. Some days I just give in to the sadness.

    Much love,

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Susan…some days are like that. I so remember… But you’re reading and learning and seeking more answers. That is so important. I hope Scott and I will continue to show you more on this path we share. Thank you for writing… xox

  • Kathy

    So glad to see your blog again! I missed reading what you and Scott/Spirit have to say. Thank you for sharing, guiding,walking, teaching and learning with us!


    • Sara Ruble

      Kathy… I needed those who were further along to guide and teach me too. Hearing of others journeys inspired me to take another step, try something new, and believe in more than I ever could have known before. I’m so glad you’re here… xox

  • Claudia


    I’m so glad you and Scott are back!

    • Sara Ruble

      Thanks Claudia. I’ve loved getting to know you…and Drew…through the ways I know our boys/Spirit brought us together. No coincidences. Nothing ever random. Once again it was wonderful spending time with you at the conference. xox

  • Brenda

    I recently found your site and have enjoyed your posts. I have been on the same journey since 2001 after losing my 24 year old son (his name is Scott too.. great name in my opinion LOL) It seems that we have a similar take about our sons passings and the lessons we learn from it all. I am enjoying your posts and look forward to reading more. Wishing you blessings and many signs from your son :o)

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes, that Scott name… We certainly have much in common! I so appreciate your reading our posts and finding more commonalities on our journeys. I found it to be so validating to find something in others words or paths that matched mine. Thanks for your kind words Brenda… xox

  • Ingrid Otter

    Hi Sara,
    Look forward to hearing what you and Scott/Spirit will share in the coming future…… Have missed your blogs, but then it is nice to look forward to something, which can take us a long time of grief work to get to this stage….

    Thank you so much for sharing and bringing comfort along the way……
    Ingrid Otter
    Ricky’s Mom

    • Sara Ruble

      Hi Ingrid. So nice to hear from you! It’s so heartwarming to read your word “comfort”, Because in time we seek out that needed respite too…and whether it comes from reading or walking or another’s words…it brings us a moment or two to breathe and find greater balance. I hope to see you along the way once again… xox

  • Scotty Miller

    Hi Sara,
    Ok, I’m reading backwards to the past blogs. I see there’s a softness, a gentleness in us moms, a sisterhood of a sort. I guess I’m getting ready to rejoin the world a bit more. I tried Compassionate Friends months ago but it was apparently too soon & I cried throughout the entire gathering.
    Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. It makes me feel less alone.
    Tucker’s Mom, Scotty

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Scotty…I learned too, that we each have to take a chance on what might help us…and we never know if it is too soon or too much or just doesn’t feel right. Don’t give up on that. I hope reading our blog can bring you new insights and seeing that my grief journey was never linear…it is a journey that will take you up and down and all around it seems. But I made it through and many, many others are too. We do it for ourselves and for our beloved children too. You’ll see. Thank you for writing. xox

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