The Soul’s Journey Shows Us More

When this blog was created it, was not my idea. It came from Scott/Spirit/God. As I‘ve said many times, my initial response to creating and then writing a blog was  “No”. You see where I am today. I must smile too.  It was out of my hands from the beginning.

Knowing I planned this blog long, long ago in my pre-birth soul planning shows me what must be done now with every aspect of my life. When it is time. When it must be seen. When the words must be heard, put on the page, read…greater awareness will come.

I know I am being used in every way I live my life now.

It’s good. Really good.

Did I have to give up control?  Yes.

Was that easy?


For me, knowing Scott in Spirit was guiding and pushing me to see more…I tried to say “yes” to everything…but I must admit…the challenges have been great at times, way beyond my abilities it seemed, and way beyond my levels of comfortability. But he did not give up

It was my soul plan he was implementing…

I trusted… He pushed… I knew I could not say “No” anymore…and really… Why?

I could see that so much of what I had unknowingly accomplished since he left was truly meaningful…even when I knew nothing about soul plans.

I witnessed my actions helping other moms and dads, my family, other families, even those who were not aware of the complexities and depth of grief….to see more. 

I now say “Yes” to whatever comes to me through Scott…for my life.  Because, as I have learned and learned and been forced to experience…it is not only for me. It is for you. It is for the greater good. And I cannot turn away from the beauty and incredible meaning of it all.

Soul planned?


You might question me on that…and that is as it needs to be…

Free will?  I have let it go.

I am a spiritual being in a human body living my soul planned experiences while in the body as: Sara Jane Sharp Jessie Ruble. That’s a mouth full! My whole life is seen through my name. As a child ~ Sara Jane Sharp. Married, my name became Sara Jessie. Now, Sara Ruble.  Name changes, millions of soul planned human experiences through the years have brought me to this…it was all meant to be. Who I am, where I lived, married, careers, one beloved child, spiritual awareness…all soul planned. What have I learned? Why me? This IS the plan.

I knew nothing about any of this when Scott died, left his body in 1994. I have been evolving. We all evolve through our lifetimes.

I am able to hear Scott clearly…we have merged, so I know my words are his.

I love that! His brilliance flows through me. His all knowing words come to you as well, others too…for greater awareness… I learn more every day.

It was all as it had to be. The soul journey I came to earth to fulfill was the push all along. It was me doing the hard work, nurturing, grieving, loving, facing up hill battles, thriving, giving up at times, to find myself…throughout my lifetime…and it was all spirit-led.

We are going to continue this work, Scott/Spirit and I, until I leave this earth…and then beyond… Yes, beyond. He is my teacher, my coach, my inspiration, my words, the one who confuses me…and then brings clarity and awareness (when it is time). It has not been an easy journey… No. It is the journey I have come for…and I am filled with gratitude for the knowledge, the lessons, the love…ad infinitum…

Scott and I planned this lifetime together before we were born. He left…he had to…his soul work was complete at age nineteen for this lifetime.

I trust. Can you?

I am a spiritual being having spiritual experiences in my human body.

So are you…

There is much more to come… Come grow with us…we are on this path together…

Sara and Scott


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  • Jenifer Davis

    Wow. I needed to read this today. I have been having a tough week. I have felt that I have nothing to offer nothing to contribute; I just want to be with my beloved husband. But I know, in my heart, that I have chosen this path for a reason. I don’t really know what it is yet and I am still fresh in my grief but I believe with all my heart that my husband is with me and he will help me to understand.

    Thank you for this post and thank you for your work.


    • Sara Ruble

      Trust Jenifer…there is more for you in this lifetime. I have been where you are too. We must give our experiences time to show us the meaning and purpose we came here for. That time is needed to open us up to greater awareness, to know we are not alone on this journey, to find balance in life and death. Your life is a valuable part of the greater good. I hope you can hold onto that knowing… Thank you for sharing. xox

  • debbie murphy

    Thank you!!! I feel my daughter. She sends me messages. I am learning to listen. You just gave me more confirmation.

    • Sara Ruble

      Knowing what you already know is so powerful Debbie. The journey will show you more…and that is exciting. moving, fulfilling, challenging, and always filled with love. I hope you’ll keep reading. Scott/Spirit has much to share! xoxo

  • Kristine Jackson

    I love this! I feel Quinton and I have merged spirits/energies as well. I truly believe it is the only reason I survived because his spirit shifted into me. I’m truly comforted in knowing that. Thank you for your blog it is beautiful and this is quite a journey.

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes, Kristine…and thank you for sharing what you know so deeply. I am always moved, knowing others are seeing and feeling their profound new connections with their children and loved ones. It is something I would hope for everyone, and now know that the soul plan creates that which must be for each of us. Trust Spirit is extremely creative and will bring these connections in ways that are needed. Greater awareness is key to being open…to see and feel more. Trust the journey… xoxo

      • Sue Zetteler

        Oh Sara, you bring such wisdom and strength to this soul journey. I am so grateful to you and Scott for the guidence and support that you share with all of our grief community. You have touched us at our core and I am certain that we can learn and grow as we move forward as healing wounded warriors in our spirit/human quest! Namaste dear friend.

        • Sara Ruble

          Dear, dear Sue… I am merely the conduit for this important blog…sharing Spirit’s knowing words, guidance,and inspiration to grow all who are ready. When the student is ready…the teacher appears. We have all heard this…and I know it is time for greater awareness and spiritual growth as Scott/Spirit reveal what is needed..for us…to see more. Love to you.

  • Joy

    Thank you for your encouragement and your wise words. You continue to inspire!

    • Sara Ruble

      Ah,my dear friend Joy… Scott’s words, Sean’s words, they flow through us to show us more. And then we see their Light in new ways! xoxox

  • Paola Leslie

    Thank you Sara for your beautiful work. I loved to hear you speaking on the HPH zoom meeting, it really brought me comfort. My son was 20 when he passed away. He was one of the 86 victims of the 2016 Nice terrorist attach. I saw the picture of your Scott and he remained me my Nick. Same age both of them when they left this world. Nick was a student of UC Berkeley, very smart, sportive and outgoing at the same time, like you described your Scott at the zoom meeting. Is 14 months since his passing and I started my spirituality jorney almost right the way the tragedy happened. I read so many books and found this wonderful group that is helping me a lot. I think that Nick is guiding me, because he knew I will not be able to survive without open my hearth to spirituality and understanding that he is keep going living on the other side. Nick was my only child like your Scott.

    Nick passed because somebody else freewill to do such a horrible act of violence and I wonder if murder is part of a soul plan or if Nick’s life was supposed to keep going and the freewill of the terrorist cut short Nick’s plan on this earth. I know that we have to surrender and and we will never know the big picture until we’ll go on the other side, but this make my grieving even more difficult, is like another layer that I have to deal with. I hope that one day when my heart will be able to heal a little bit more I will be able to have the connection that you have with your Scott.

    Sending you love

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you for your heartfelt words Paola. You are doing this very hard work of trying to understand the complexities of life and death…and the spiritual aspects of everything too. It is so needed to grasp the deep meaning of what you and Nick came here to experience. My heart goes out to you.
      This I know from Scott/Spirit ~ We come to earth to experience everything we soul planned, to be with our families, feel the deep love or lack of love in every lifetime, and so much more. Soul planning (planned together with everyone we will share experiences with, before we are born) creates our lifetimes. Murder changes lives in extraordinary ways…that creates incredible emotions in our hearts and minds. Spirit works in contrast to create experiences. Everyone involved in a murder knew on a soul level this was to occur. In our bodies, Paola, most cannot sense any change coming in their life. Was Nick’s life complete? You and I would say, NO!” But we cannot see the inner workings of the soul plans. Every life that ends is a completed life. (I struggled with this too). Was free will used that evening that shook the world to its core? Spiritually, no. It was an experience that changed so many lives, yours of course… We must know tremendous love and compassion was poured out to those whose loved ones left that night. I so hope you feel that. Pain creates. Love creates. Taking another’s life creates. We come to earth in human bodies to explore, create, experience, to love. Deep within us, we know the soul plan we are fulfilling…and as we leave our bodies we see the depth and meaning in every aspect of our lives. Trust dear heart, that Nick sees it all so clearly…and you will know more too. Thank you for sharing Paola…you already see so much. xoxoxo

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