Death Does Teach…

With the love for our children, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, moms, dads, grandparents, friends…we are changed. Are we meant to be? Yes.

Life is a journey of the heart and soul. Could we know how deeply we would feel for one another? Can it truly be put into words? Must it be felt to see that depth? Will it change us forever?

After Scott’s sudden death…and to this day, I have seen tremendous love and pain, not only in myself, but hundreds, thousands, millions of others across the world. We love deeply, we grieve deeply. We are changed. We hear a new voice emerge from within…using words we hope will help another, teach, heal or perhaps open up new thinking.

We must express the grief, the confusion, the anger, the beauty of, the horror of…

We come together…or we are separated by those words that flow through us. 


But we need to say them.

We came to this earth to experience life.

And we are…one day at a time. Unknowingly we walk the path we were taking, only to see it shift so drastically we can hardly grasp the meaning and speed of it. 

How do we explain the meaning of a world so filled with anger and unrest, that one person can change it for all of us in an instant?

It is this we must explain:

Scott/Spirit ~

If you are reading this blog, you know more…or hope to…beyond what the human eyes can see.


You are Spiritual workers on this earth.

You know we say this in every blog now:

You are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences in the human body.

You came to a blog titled “Death Teaches” because you needed to see more, understand more…in desperation and in love. 

Yes. Death teaches. It is an insistent and powerful teacher. It moves you to profound new thinking or can hold you hostage…with everything in between.

Death occurs for the human body to release the spirit back to Spirit.

Yes. You are the Spiritual workers/experiencers on this earth. 

Spirit, where we all come from and will return when we leave our human bodies…is the  teacher.

In time you too may see this more clearly…

You come to earth to learn through contrast. You knew when you planned your future life on earth you would experience a lifetime that would open you to greater love, shut it down, be the light, be the darkness, give freely or not, live with hope or despair…. the experiences are limitless. 

And everything is planned before birth.

Las Vegas…what you have seen, heard, witnessed, and will continue to be shown…as in every tragedy…is pain and suffering…love and compassion…heroes…courage…and one soul whose actions created all that in minutes…to change the lives of so many.

As you try to reconcile all that occurs in life…and what death creates…look beyond. Change comes through the life experiences…and as death breaks you open to the new…

Spirit works within contrast to open new thinking, new laws, new professions, friendships, and endless shifts within all those involved in Las Vegas, grieving families, proud families, police, doctors and nurses…or as viewers on TV…

You are changed…or challenged to understand… angry…sad…fearful…pro-active…needing to be heard…for what will evolve through this major experience in the United States…or any country where the contrasts of what humans consider good or bad evoke profound and powerful emotions in movement…ultimately for the greater good.  Love is the most powerful aspect all. 

Live it, share it, nurture it… Be the change.


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  • LH

    So true.

  • Robert Hall

    I met you at an S.O.S meeting in Mesa AZ, you were Wendy Parton’s Guest, Angela and I sat just to your right. Hope this email finds you well, Never ever dreamt I’d be a member of this group but I lost my eldest Brother Gary to a suicide Sunday Morning 10-1, he was 63. Now I find myself here, reading your words of hope. I always gave thanks for being so blessed at 57 to still have my Mom, Dad, brothers and sister, all 4 of my own children and a grand daughter. Now we are 1 short. What a difference a day makes. As so many have said to me, its a cluster of feeling never felt before, now I think I can understand, I feel like apart of my soul is gone. I only pray now that he is at peace and is pain is gone.

    Thank you for your dedication to helping.

    Robert Hall

    • Sara Ruble

      I’m so sorry Robert. I clearly remember our conversations. Yes, this is life changing… Trust what you already know will help guide you as you find your way. There are so many aspects to grief…and your brother is very aware of what you need. Listen… He’s your teacher now. My heart goes out to you… xoxo

    • Cheryl Driscoll

      Robert, our son took his own life 2 years ago. He was 44 and suffered from PTSD from the horrible things he dealt with as a paramedic. He also had brain damage brain from rolling his truck. He was actually dead but the driver behind him was a paramedic at a local factory and brought him back.. It was so hard to accept that he was gone, that I would never get one of his huge hugs again or watch him cooking in our kitchen. He comes to me often and I know he is free from his demons and lives us all. It takes time and strength and courage, acceptance and love to continue on. Know that your brother is still with you in your heart.

      • Sara Ruble

        Thank you Cheryl, for sharing your own experiences, which are very helpful, so needed, and connect us to one another heart to heart. Your journey is one of seeing and knowing there is more beyond the death/leaving of our children and loved ones. As we grasp the meaning of soul plans, we are able to feel such gratitude for their continuing presence and the deep love that continues to flow. Your courage is felt through your beautiful and encouraging words… xoxo

  • Carolina

    Thank you Sarah and Scott for the beautifully post. Exactly what I needed today.

    • Sara Ruble

      I trust Spirit’s timing too Carolina. And love that we helped you… xoxo

  • Joy

    I loved this message. There are so many questions after Vegas. They may never be answered, but eventually there will be peace. We have experienced this with the death of Scott and Sean.

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Joy, we have. Even after imagining that was not ever possible. Finding that balance that love brought us, from our boys, friendships, answers, greater spiritual awareness and so much more…peace seeped in…and grew. It does happen… Thank you for your insightful thoughts my dear friend. xoxo

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