Afterlife Love

When the love for our children and loved ones is so strong…and we are aware they are reaching out to us…or they haven’t yet…we only want more.

More…to show us their love and ongoing commitment to us, the need for their presence to be as strong or stronger than before, the knowing they can bring us healing through their signs and communication, or greater frequency to fulfill our needs as we miss them so deeply. 

They do communicate with us. It is mysterious, yet totally real. We hear them, feel them, see their messages, find their messages, and vividly dream with them.

When we are new to this, or not so new, we cannot always comprehend the depth of it all…

Scott, my beloved son ~ comes from where your loved ones are in Spirit to help us understand more about our new relationships with the spiritual love we will always share….

Scott/Spirit ~

We love to share with you! And need for you to see more…

The spiritual connection that we in Spirit share with each of you is forever.  Yes, truly, without a doubt.

In past blogs, Mom and I have been writing about the soul journeys that really determine the path each of you will take with your child, children, and loved ones. It is a spiritual relationship from beginning…to new beginnings…

Death does not ever end a relationship, as it feels while you are in the body. The spiritual connection you may not even understand yet, exists beyond what you can imagine…and will keep your commitment to us strong and unbreakable, through God/Spirit’s unconditional love. Your love for us, and yes, our love for you.

No matter the cause of “death”…our undeniable bond will be a driving force within you to understand the grief, seek out help, answers, greater awareness…relief…healing…

When this love is seen and felt after death, we’ll call that “afterlife love”.

It comes through the signs and communication…the heart and connection.

Many of you have experienced this kind of love already… a stunning moment that can suddenly take your breath away. Exhilarating. Unforgettable. Seemingly unexplainable. Pure Spirit. 

If you haven’t felt it, trust we are teaching you, making you aware…so you are ready…when…

“Afterlife love” is now a more well known aspect of grief. It comes by surprise…in Spirit’s perfect timing, to reassure, open you up to greater knowing, to feel the love connection in new ways…to confirm this new relationship continues…

We, in Spirit, know exactly what you need, when you need it. We know you want more signs, messages, dreams. More! Of course.

It is so hard to feel such great distance from us. Trust this is part of the soul’s  journey. If we show ourselves to you all the time, the lessons and growth you are experiencing (and yes, need) would be far less effective. You may not agree with us on that…it feels like tough love. We see the bigger picture though…and are actually growing you as the journey continues…that is the commitment we made to one another… Soul growth. There is great purpose in everything.

We need you to know we are with you. Was one sign enough? Can you trust and know without a doubt you were opened up to a spectacular moment in time with your child or loved one in Spirit? Does that push you to work harder, seek greater understanding, work on the roadblocks in your grief…and begin to grasp the spiritual relationship as seen right before your eyes? 


We want you to see more and understand this new relationship.

As we remind you once more…

You are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences in your human body. 

This is a spiritual connection…

We are Spirit…and we are your teachers.

As we open up about the afterlife…you are moving into new territory…

Open your hearts and your minds…trust there is more.

Let’s go deeper.

More to come…


Scott/Spirit and Sara

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  • Bobby

    Yes Sara, let’s go deeper! I know that Jared is with me all the time and is constantly giving me signs to reassure that… I am so very grateful for that. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself that maybe I don’t know what or if he is trying to tell me something. I guess I’m still a work in progress, but know that he is helping me to become a better person by helping others. Your messages through Scott are so inspiring… I so appreciate our friendship! 🙂 <3

    • Sara Ruble

      I so understand your questions Bobby. There are so many unknowns early on and even later. We desperately need and want answers that are not always available to us. I’ve learned that IS the process of grief. There are no quick fixes…and that creates anxiety, frustration, perhaps an anger we’ve never ever experienced. Knowing other moms and dads are feeling those same emotions can be so helpful, seeing we are not the only one. It can be a lonely journey to greater understanding…but grief is designed for our growth within the incredible pain and confusion. WE have to do the work, the journeying. It is our soul work.
      Give yourself time, the love you deserve, feel Jared’s love…or just trust it. He is with you all the way through this. If you can’t get the meaning of a sign or message, write it down…it will come in Spirit/Jared’s perfect timing. I did not know this for many years after Scott died…that is why I share so openly now.
      You are helping SO many by bringing your love and insights to others Bobby. You are a cherished friend…soul planned as I’ve shared! Thank you for being you… xoxo

  • Stephanie Robinson

    When I read the blogs from you and Scott I am engrossed in it, feel it all the way to my toes, feeling the warmth of “afterlife love” I just wish these feelings stayed with me, once the tsunami hits and knocks me down I see the road as hopeless again, I’m still learning and trying to see the “big picture” thankfully we are able to find caring people like you Sara who are willing to share what you have learned, I couldn’t imagine the Lonley road you had to travel in the beginning, I am so blessed to have found your blogs and teachings, Thank you both

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Stephanie…Thank you for writing, for sharing the agony of this journey. Please know, I feel your deep pain. I’ve been there too…and it pushes me to help you and anyone I can. There will be tsunami’s in between, but when you have a knowing there IS a “bigger picture”, you know there is something more… Is it hope or a destination or the knowing your son is most certainly with you as soul planned…seen or unseen? We learn to trust…and in that comes deeper understanding.

      I so appreciate your words, my lonely journey through grief…oh yes. Even though there is much more available today for those grieving, it is a lonely journey so much of the time. We MUST go within, find our balance, clarity, and truth. it is the hardest work… I now know it is the journey we chose in this lifetime with our beloved children…through our mutual unconditional love, we are changed and we grow…greater understanding must come. Stay with us Stephanie…you will see more. Love to you.

  • Deanie Ferris

    I just don’t get it,,I need to feel my son,touch him smell him.
    Everything just makes me sad.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Deanie… We all feel your deep agony and feelings…and know there are much more. The feelings of separation from a love that was beyond the most beautiful deep description (and meant to be) is excruciating. We fight it and fight it as we do. The reality comes…in time…that nothing can change their body having left this earth… Can we begin trust their love and Spirit are still present? Can you trust your son came to you, needed you to be his mom for this lifetime and beyond? That he hasn’t left you in every way, and what remains is the beauty of his spirit? It takes work to get to this place, I know. But the other side of this is what the grief can do to you… I’m glad you are still reading our blogs Deanie…still wanting/needing other perspectives… Trust you will find greater meaning in this journey and will know your son’s love in this new relationship.
      I see that for you… xoxo

      • roselyn tomasulo

        Yes, the physical longing for my son, physically . It is a huge void ., spiritual presence is elusive and not the same. Yet I am trying to be open to that which is unseen, faith and love.
        Thank you , you are inspiring me to live.

        • Sara Ruble

          I so understand the elusiveness of the spiritual relationships Roselyn. I had to experience that confusion as well…and I was very needy. I believe as you read and learn more about the spiritual connections we really do have with our children it will settle into you in new ways…and you will experience more. This time of having to balance the physical with the spiritual is so hard. It will come…I’m certain. Trust love…

  • Rachel Pearson

    “from beginning…to new beginnings”” –
    Oh, how I love this! Thank you Scott!
    Thank you Sara! Love this entry in its entirety.

    • Sara Ruble

      You feel it too Rachel. The depth, the love, the meaning of life, death, and beyond. Thank you… xoxo

  • carolyn Tuccio

    Thank you Sara for writing this blog and teaching us new ways to open up ourselves to higher learning. Some days my grandson is so prominent and then on the sadder days I think I close myself off to seeing the signs. I am trying very hard to feel joy but it is eluding me. I try to be more motivated but it is not easy. I sleep with one of his sweatshirts and find comfort in that. I guess I just miss the physical presence and nothing seems to fill that void. I will never stop seeking answers to all my questions. Thanks again, Carolyn

    • Sara Ruble

      You are not unlike the rest of us Carolyn. Trying to understand and live within the missing is so hard… I know this. The journey will continue to show you more, I know that for certain. One day at a time does work, because you are reading, searching, and learning more. This work is so necessary. I hope you will continue to read our blog. Scott/Spirit is ready to bring us even more information…for healing, understanding, and connection. xoxo

  • Lauri

    I miss kissing my big, strong, handsome boy and burying my face in his neck and breathing him in. I miss his voice. I miss his hands and his feet. I miss smelling the top of his head. I miss placing my hand on his chest just to feel his beautiful, strong heartbeat. It’s been nearly five months since the day that my heart shattered into a million, tiny pieces. I would give anything to have that day back before he fell asleep and didn’t wake back up. I beg and I pray for signs and messages, anything at all to make me KNOW he’s okay and that we’ll be together again. Thank you for sharing your love and your experiences with your beautiful son. It gives me glimmers of hope.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Lauri…it is all we miss and want that pushes us to look for greater awareness and answers. Nothing in our humanness could have prepared us for this experience. Trusting in what I write and have experienced, what Scott/Spirit shares with us, what other moms know too is how we begin to see and understand more about this spiritual journey we are on with our beloved children… Trust…there is more to come. Love continues… xox

  • Dorothy Forbes

    I so miss My son mark, it’s been 5 long months without him. I feel very connected to him as he came through to me the day after his funeral using a balloon to comfort me. It was the most wonderful gift I have ever received and has given me some peace as I know that he is ok. I still long for him though and can’t get that horrible day when he didn’t wake up out of my mind. and some days are still very tough. I find myself wanting to learn more by reading anything I can about the afterlife I just need to feel more connected to him. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • Sara Ruble

      It is powerful to read that you are seeking what the afterlife can teach you Dorothy. Trusting there is much to show you our children and loved ones will continue to open us more, by reading others experiences, and the bigger picture view, as well as reading blogs like ours can reassure you there truly is an afterlife. Your son has already shown you a strong sign, which is wonderful…bittersweet, yes, I know, and wonderful… We cannot change what has happened, but we can see more…and discover even greater meaning in life and death on this journey. In time, that is what has brought me greater peace… Sending you love.

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