All This Is Spiritual

The love for our children, our loved ones who left this earth (but truly haven’t left us) will continue to flourish in ways you may not see or understand today.

Our soul plans created this deep love and commitment we have for one another…planned before we were born.

It may take some time before you can more fully see the many, many ways this spiritual commitment you made together is seen. Can you remain in that beautiful promise made in Spirit…even though you cannot remember all the details?

I do not remember the plans Scott and I committed to…but I am seeing them now as they are revealed to me in life. I know there are more to come…and they will surprise me, maybe even shock me, deepen my trust and knowing…that we came here to work together, grow together, and do our part in evolving this world…by being mother and child.

How powerful is that for me, as a mom who grieved so deeply, missing Scott and all that he was when he suddenly left his body…to know we are still creating together…in profound love and commitment to one another.

There are no words now for my peace of mind, even bigger love, and trust. It’s too big. This relationship can never be over.

Feeling separated by the body…until that new greater awareness of spiritual oneness was shown to me..and our journey took on new meaning.

When I was working so I know you are too, to understand the death of someone so precious, so needed, so loved…could I have known the depth of this relationship?

We must go deeper…

Scott/Spirit shares ~

Love is always the thrust of each lifetime…even when anger and confusion are soul planned, when divorce or separations must be experienced, when the profound and the even the crazy come…divine purpose is behind and entwined in everything.

In the spiritual work being done when you are in the body…intuition, insights, and clarity, signs, dreams, and messages are soul planned to show you more.  They may seep in slowly or be an instant knowing you are suddenly aware of. Soul planned.

You and your spouse (ex’s too), children, friends, relatives, acquaintances, co-workers,  strangers…the list goes on…are soul planned for you to meet, teach, help, save their life, inflict pain on, inspire, collaborate, forgive (or not), simply enjoy…and again the list goes on and on…

The soul plans go beyond the human understanding from this lifetime…into other lifetimes. You cannot see it all…

That is why death and grief can be so all consuming. You demand answers or search day and night to grasp the understanding of WHY? or HOW?  And there may not be answers coming  seemingly fast enough that bring you any peace of mind or reconcile the enormity of all that has changed your life…

But trust…in more.

We are bringing answers through Sara/Mom. Why her? Soul planned. Others too…

My relationship with my mom/Sara spans centuries…that is how deep our relationship is. Could your’s be any different?  We assure you…many centuries too.  She cannot remember these lifetimes…as needed…for her to live this life fully…to know me only as Scott.

We planned this lifetime together…before we were born, hundreds of years ago…to evolve into the 21st century with greater wisdom. It is time for more to be seen, felt and known about the spiritual connections that spiritual beings having human experiences in the body…have with their spiritual children and other loved ones…after “death”.

This death is the opening for you to see much more. It has broken you open…

Now, spiritually we will begin to fill that void with deep truths about the spiritual truths of life and death…

The mystery of it all is…You are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences in the human body. 

Maybe it doesn’t have to feel so mysterious anymore…as it becomes a part of who you are

Your children and loved ones know this…knew it immediately as they left their bodies, seeing it all so clearly…as they were ONE with Spirit once again…their lives on earth complete.

All this is spiritual.

We are ready to share… Are you ready? 

Trust love…and then perhaps trust some more…

Sara and Scott  xoxo

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  • Mabel

    This is all so true! What you have said so well has been revealed to me and I am praying for more.

    Love and light to our sons!

    And thank you!

    • Sara Ruble

      I know you have been working on greater understanding Mabel. So beautiful. Love and light to you too. xox

  • Rhonda

    Thank you Sara and Scott. I love your posts. They are similar to the messages I get from my son.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Rhonda, for sharing that. I love that Spirit brings this information not only to me, but others…like you…to bring us into a greater knowing. We become a growing community who knows and trusts the spiritual journey…and we live our lives differently. It is time…or we would not be hearing so much from our children/loved ones/Spirit. Thank you! xoxo

  • Stephanie Robinson

    Thank you Sara/Scott for our teachings, I know I’ve gained hope which I thought was lost, applying it is taking time, I try to appreciate my life then I slip back, but I am a work in progress

    • Sara Ruble

      We are all a work in progress Stephanie… xoxo

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