The Next Steps…Soul Planning

Ok, so Scott and I have not written for quite awhile! When this happens, as I have shared with you before, it is for my human experiences, learning, and growth. Just like a teacher needing the classes and background to teach, Spirit has been showing me what I need to understand on a deeper level than I’ve ever known…to bring their words through to you. I’ve said before, Spirit is a masterful teacher. Oh yes!

I have been confused, wanting so much to share more, and to keep our (your’s and mine) dialogue going with the blog. But, this I know for certain…it’s not my timing, my choice, or my words. I am the conduit.

When I am in this place of not knowing what is coming in my life…I must trust I will be shown. I cannot be pushy or impatient…mostly because I’ve learned that does not work. I’ve always considered myself to be proactive in nearly every area of my life. Physically I take good care of myself, go to the dentist every six months, bills are paid on time, I exercise, and so on. But this…the spiritual part of who I am must be seen differently. It HAS to be, because it is the master plan. Yes. My soul’s plan. The journey I have been taking since I was born.

We are not meant to know this plan, as many of you are aware of. There is the “veil”. That thing that seems to separate us from our loved ones and prevents us from seeing or knowing the day to day details of our soul plans…

I accepted that long ago.

But now there is more to be known…

I know without a doubt that I planned this lifetime with Scott before we were born. I cannot ever forget that!  Together, as we have written many times with Scott/Spirit’s words coming through me…to assure you…this path is taking us places we need to go, even with death. Believe me, I did not give in to this easily after Scott died. Control made me feel safe too. It showed me I could be strong and forceful, move mountains, create in ways I never saw myself, find parts of me I love…in overcoming obstacles and finding a peace within me I thought was absolutely unattainable…

My being proactive? I now know, that is me, my plan.

That was the way it had to be all along. The soul plan. The spiritual path. 

When I am writing I know the words flowing through my fingers are what Scott/Spirit/God need for me to see, learn, share with you and others. It is an unstoppable process that I did not know was my future. My soul plan in action.

When I speak to my husband, or to a group, large or small…it is this way too. The words flow through me to teach, guide, open up new ways of thinking…to change old perspectives of how  “spirituality” has been perceived and taught. My soul plan in action.

Scott calls me a ”clear channel”, bringing the words of Spirit through me to you. Spirit uses my experiences to help clarify the human aspect of the soul plans…for your greater understanding. Again, my soul plan in action.

Profound isn’t it?  I had no clue I was headed in this direction…what my future would bring.

Through the human experiences I actually began to see my soul journey evolve. Who would I become after Scott’s death?  My life began to show me.  My awareness opened up to greater spiritual knowing.

As I write this it is still surprising to me in many ways…but I know moms who have become mediums and others who know they channel Spirit’s words. There is a growing community I see where Spirit is bringing us answers, breaking the silence and mystery of spiritual communication and revealing the eternal relationships with our children and loved ones. It may not seem fast enough or ever enough…but trusting there is more can bring you the openness that is so needed.

In my ever evolving journey, I know there is much yet to share with you… I, of course, do not have all the “facts”, as they come only from Spirit, but just know more is coming about spiritual paths, soul journeys, greater clarity about life and death, relationships, connections. Yes, there IS much more… 

Scott/Spirit reveals…

The love and commitment from Mom/Sara and others reaching into your hearts to share your grief and bring spiritual insights to you is a result of their soul plans. Not one of them knew they would enter into this role until it was made known to them by their own human experiences…allowing them to witness their soul journeys evolving.

Once more we remind you that everyone is a spiritual being in a human body. Within that spirit is carried the soul plan for that lifetime, based on the experiences needed to fulfill the plan. All planning was done before birth, in unconditional love, with a knowing that often goes beyond the human mind. Yes, extraordinary…

You all came to the earth to experience life once again. You all have been here on earth many, many times. You all have been with your children in other lifetimes, and will again and again in the future. Past lives, future lives…shared in the human experiences. Soul Planned.

Living between two worlds will push you, even force you to see beyond the world you have known, accepted, or maybe rejected. It is the intention of the spiritual journey you are on to open your hearts and minds to this:

You are changing the world. Your children are changing the world. Everyone is here to change the world, to open the spiritual awareness through the human experiences that have been so incredibly confusing and elusive for-ever it seems.

Does that give your life, your child’s life…and death…greater purpose and meaning?

You may not feel that way at all right now, but greater awareness will show you more.

Your soul plan requires that…

We will share greater details of soul planning, the death experiences you so desperately need to understand, and how love runs through everything. Yes…love.

Next week…The Meaning and Mystery of the “Veil”.

The love and commitment you feel for your children and loved ones is as strong as what we feel from Spirit for you… This cord was not cut…and we will hold it in place until you can see that for yourselves…

Trust love,

Sara and Scott/Spirit

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  • Jean

    Thank you for the hope you give us newly bereaved parents. Hope is what we have so little of early in our grief journeys so I am grateful for the gracious way in which you have explained my beloved only child in Spirit form.

    • Sara Ruble

      To bring hope is the hope I have Jean. I will never forget what I experienced after Scott died as I desperately searched for answers and deeper meaning. Knowing the spiritual connection is key to our finding hope and knowing we have an eternal connection with our children, I am profoundly grateful for Scott/Spirit’s words to help you and all of us. Trust love… xox

  • Maddy

    Oh , Sara! Yes! Love you so! Thank you for all that you and Scott bring forward. 💖

    • Sara Ruble

      We can never know when we will need this kind of spiritual awareness Maddy, and that is why I feel so pushed to share Scott’s words.
      Love you too my friend. xox

  • Cathy

    Oh Sara, the veil is hard. How many times have I begged God to let me see or hear my loved one. Trusting in God, giving up control, I need to let go and let God and be patient but I can’t . I had no control over Al’s death and I have no control now. But perhaps right now is where I need to be. That inner struggle of change that is coming.
    You and Scott continue to give me hope. The cord has not been cut!! Thank goodness !!
    Love & hugs. Cathy

    • Sara Ruble

      I understand and have lived everything you wrote Cathy. It takes time to absorb, and to remind ourselves of the power of the greater awareness. You are reading, you ARE more aware, and taking all that in is the process of seeing more. I loved the words Scott/Spirit brought through too…The cord has not been cut. Thank you for sharing… xox

  • Stephanie robinson

    Have Missed you both, been checking in periodically to see if I missed something! I am curious if our loved ones incarnate into another life how can they be there when we pass on?? My daughter had a baby 3 weeks ago, I look at him and I wonder………, you 2 have expanded my mind so much, I feel so much more peace these days beacause of the lessons I’ve learned, thanks for sharing and helping us find healing on this journey.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thanks for checking in with us Stephanie. As I have had to learn too, as in the grief process, the spiritual pieces come as needed. And we begin to trust the timing of it all…
      Your question is so important. Our spirits which bring us life and leave our bodies when our lives are complete, are forever a part of Spirit/One with God. You as Stephanie, me as Sara, Scott as Scott, our spirits a part of the bigger picture, because our experiences, our growth, our being here on earth were/are so needed and valuable. Every spirit within every body body who has ever come to earth is accessible, available, and aware of this eternal presence. We will remember too…when we leave our bodies.
      So, yes, our loved ones will be there and will know us as we’ve known them…always. That is a beautiful, profound aspect of the soul plans.
      Thank you Stephanie, for asking… We are here to clarify and open the doors to great spiritual understanding! xoxo

  • Deb

    Dear Cathy, You inspire me more every time I read anything that you /Scott /spirit /God write.It is phenomenal what does happen between ourselves and our loved ones.My son passed away 4 years ago .I never thought he would pass of a overdose.But what transpires time and time again I know he is here right now beside me.When I am searching for a answer a hawk will usually always appear or some sort of bird.I have always loved nature & birds I wrote a poem about both.I would read my poems to my son.He is my sidekick there was never a day that went by that he didn’t tell me he loved me. Yes, it’s true what you refer to the more you open your heart to accepting death the more every thing in your life becomes so clearer.I walk alot and just the small of a blade of grass makes me happy to be alive.I know my son would want me to carry him in my soul and live my life.I am a spiritual person and through all the adversities I faced in my lifetime I am living proof that there is a purpose for me and has been .I now advocate for SUD it’s my way of healing.I grew up in a family of alcoholism​.My Mom’s only brother passed away just recently.My 2 aunts passed away at early ages because of the disease.I feel strongly the cycle of abuse has to be broken.Before another vicious cycle begins.Ive seen it time and time again in my family.The children who suffer and family.You write so eloquently and I enjoy reading your messages from you/Scott/spirit/God.Thank you for bringing joy to me and being so open about the subject.Debi Forever missed forever loved
    Kai Joel 😇💞

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you for sharing Deb. Being so aware you are on a spiritual journey, as you know now, is so helpful as you travel through grief. Seeing so much more, being open, honest, and authentic about your family history is so valuable and needed…for you and many, many others. The drive you feel within is the soul journey you came here to grow within and share. You are changing lives! Your son is changing lives too…as he is an impetus for this incredible growth.
      Again, thank you for sharing. I love for others to read these comments, to read your words and the words of all who share their own personal experiences on the spiritual path. We grow as ONE.
      P.S. Deb…maybe I was Cathy in a past life! I’m checking into that! 🙂 xoxo

  • Suzanne kovacs

    What a wonderful forum you and Scott open every time you share with us. We all continue to grow and begin to comprehend so much more of these lives we live! Good important words and work!! Love you!

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Sue… That is what I love about bringing Scott’s words through. There is so much we are not aware of in our grief, and yet we must find our way. Now with Spirit showing us more and opening us up to new awareness, we can grow, share, and see this new reality with greater clarity. All needed, needed, needed. xoxoxo

  • Carolyn tuccio

    Thank you Sara/Scott/spirit for bringing me such words is wisdom. I know that the bond between me and my grandson will never be broken and he always shows me signs. Today when I walked into lowes garden I was surrounded by butterflies. I knew it was him because I had a bad morning. All of our expectations of him this spring will not be experienced. Having him home after graduating from college will not happy. Although I know that’s is all soul planned I feel I am not getting the full message. I keep searching but am so impatient. I have experienced more love in the people around me and I do know there is more to come. Love to you

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Carolyn,
      I learned I would not ever have all I wanted on this journey…and that is the hardest part… Coming to terms with with the loss of so much is an unparalleled process. We have to feel the love, the missing, the future, in ways we were not ever prepared for. Hopefully the words Scott/Spirit share with us will bring you new insights and even hope that can carry you into the days ahead. You are seeing what you need to see today…and know many are journeying along side of you. xoxo

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