What do you need to know about life…and death? Ask us…

When the love for our children, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, friends… is so strong it literally stops us…with their death…and fills us with unbearable, even indescribable pain…where do we look for answers…and more answers…and more answers? Where ARE the answers in death?

For each of us…uniquely wired to receive that which helps us or not…we find support and love in the ways we do. Some of us are pro-active and start looking for help and guidance right away…out of desperation. Some of us are not so active…in ways that keep us home or quiet or even turning inward. And there is everything in between.

There are no polls on what can help us 100% of the time in finding the answers that we so desperately need after the death of someone we love so deeply…

But there is this…

Keeping in mind that life and death goes on… It always has since the beginning of time…

In our human minds we don’t know the details of it all…except what we read in books… or what television provides us with…or the internet…or other sources…until we have to live it ourselves.

What does help us is the growing knowing that our children and loved ones are communicating with us from the Other Side/Heaven… And that more is being shown now than ever before to open up the mystery of death.

That is why Scott/ Spirit and I are writing this blog…to help you…teach you…to find something that can get you through today and maybe next week too…

There is so much…

Is there a question you’ve had about the Other Side/Heaven…or grief…or death…that you need an answer to?

We want to reach you in a new way here…by hearing your questions and concerns…

We will not be able to answer everything that comes to us…but we will find that which will help most of you…or many of you…or maybe just you.

And you will show us what it is that you need answers to

So we…Sara and Scott/Spirit…ask for this week through August 30 to send us your questions…and we will answer some of what has been sent to us in next week’s blog.

Confusion in grief is not a state of mind…it is a reality. Let us provide you with some new perspectives…give you something new to think about, accept into your life…to find some relief…even greater peace of mind and clarity…

Please email us at sara@deathteaches.com. You can click onto the email address at the bottom of this blog page on the right.

And remember…your question may be what you most need answered…and most likely what someone else needs too…

Until next week… Trust the love you and your children…loved ones share… It is one of great meaning…

Scott/Spirit brings this…

The blog Mom and I write comes from the hard work she has done to find answers in death…to find me as Scott in a spiritual way…and to blend those two…

You are searching too… The answers can come…the blending will too… Life and death can be shown to you in new ways

Don’t ever give up

Sara and Scott

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  • cherry oliver

    please can you help me my darling jeff passed over 10/9/13 how long does it taketo have signs that he his with me i miss him so much thank you

  • Jeannine Lewis

    I always felt a connection with my daughter, Danielle, but I haven’t felt it for about 2 months now. I feel so lonely and sad without it. I have not had any signs of her being with me. Any ideas on why that would happen? I so need that two carry on. It will be two years in October and I almost feel like I did 2 years ago when I walked in and found her….Any insight or suggestions would be helpful. Looking forward to receiving some insight.

    Thank you in advance

    Jeannine Lewis

  • Jeannine Lewis

    Hi, I just realized that my post may have given the impression that I would hurt myself or do something drastic if I don’t get a connection and that is not the case . I do need some kind of a sign, feeling pretty depressed.

    Thanks again

  • Elaine Messier

    Would like to speak to my brother who I think tried to contact me about a month ago! He died 4 years ago! I heard him call my name twice very clearly! But I was afraid to turn over! I need to talk with him! Can you please help me???

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Thank you, Sara, for your postings. They help so much. I, too, am using my only son’s death, Colin, to teach me new ways of being and growing. I chose this path early on. I have received many gifts from Colin. I guess I always question whether his passing was to be as a way of putting me through the fire to see if I would come out a diamond. I felt early on also, that he came for me. Many times I would tell him he was an old soul and wiser, kinder, and so much less judgmental than me. It was a quality I truly admired in him. Do they know when they are born that their life will be short? Do they make a choice whether to stay or go?
    Thanks for your and Scott’s wisdom.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear, dear moms…thank you for your questions. My heart goes to each one of you. Scott/Spirit and I will answer your very important questions on Tuesday.
      Trust love and know your children know you are doing this hard grief work…and that you are never alone…even when it feels like it.

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