Courageous souls we are…

What can learning more about death do to help you in your grief? In those days of pure desperation and confusion, anger, missing and everything you or I have felt…or are feeling…what do we need?

Loving support from those we know and don’t know? Kindness and empathy through the darkest days of our lives? An understanding of our life now? Validation of signs? Knowing where are our children and loved ones are now? Answers to why life would take our loved ones away and leave us here? To know why I am not getting signs…or enough of them? It is a long list… and it could go on for paragraphs…and pages.

I know. I was there, asking, begging, questioning, desperate, and crying out for so many of these to be answered… Then there were even more confusing ironies and studies on death and communication, others beliefs to ponder…and truly…the need to understand it all!

I am so sorry you are here too…

Life is big…

It is bigger than I ever knew or imagined…

Whether you live in a big city or small town…

Life is powerful and it hurts us…

And it brings us joy too…

So confusing…

We must experience what comes to us…

Life is a teacher…

And we know this up to the point…that it brings more pain than we feel we could ever endure…

How do we do this?

With help.

With an inner strength that exists and we didn’t even know it was there… Inner strength that we don’t feel strong…yet it brings us to this place of reading about death…


Find a teacher or two…or more…

Or someone who has experienced death too…

Trust our loved ones become our teachers…

Scott in his own spiritual way always was pushing me…and I didn’t even know it.

I was alone…I thought…except for those occasional signs or dreams that brought him to me…

But now I know.

I am never alone.

You are never alone.

I know you feel that way.

I hope you know I care about you…

We have been teaching you through our blogs, Scott and I.

About soul plans…

The reason we are here on earth is to fulfill these plans we made with the Universe before we were born.

I did not know this…never even knew about soul plans…until thirteen years after Scott died.

That is a long time to not know about something so important, and for me…life changing.

Soul planning is done before we are born.

While we are still in Spirit, with God, a Higher Power, The Universe…

We plan our lives with all those who will enter into our lives in this lifetime.

With our children, spouses, siblings, other relatives, friends….and more.

Can it be so planned…this life?

With death, hate, and murder and war…

It’s all so hard to imagine.

Even our deaths are planned…

Scott/Spirit shares as he channels these words through me…

Every life and death is planned in Spirit. Nothing is random as we have shared before.

You are a courageous soul in a world of the unknown.

You now live in that place between two worlds…because you will grow from it.

The place that will show you and teach you that love does not ever die.

That pain cannot break your connection…it even strengthens it.

As Sara/Mom has learned and now knows…there is a wisdom that comes from this grief and love, and it evolves in time. It brings clearer memories and clarity of that which is important. It grows in compassion and empathy. It pushes you to find meaning and purpose and share what you learn. Awareness of the bigger picture in life and death brings greater peace of mind…because it is planned for you.

Does everyone find this peace of mind?

Those who seek out answers and that greater meaning are brought greater awareness. The time spent seeking is never for naught. Trust the timing of spiritual knowing…for it comes as YOU need it. Your path…your soul plan…

It is very human to want (desperately want) what you see others have received from their loved ones… Trust that is their path…

Your path? It is where you are today. Your children and loved ones see your path, know your path. I, as Scott, am completely aware of every moment of Mom/Sara’s life, grief journey…and soul plan.

You are never alone…

You are courageous soul…in this Universe.

Trust in more…

Scott and Sara

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  • Debbie Murphy

    Thank you so much for this very special email (letter), Sarah and your loving son Scott. We too lost a daughter, Emily. Yes, we too have learned so much more than we ever thought possible, through our beautiful daughter, signs and wonders. They are always with us. Much heartfelt love to you.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Debbie. What we can learn on this journey is so deep and hard and yet so meaningful. We won’t ever have all the answers, but working within that which we know can lead us to the gratitude you have come to feel. Our continuing relationships with our children and loved ones is so profound…and can guide us into the present with new hope. I’m happy you and your husband are finding that hope on this day to day journey…and doing it together. Beautiful. xox

  • Lora

    Thank you Sara! Love it!
    Continuing to trust when nothing makes sense…

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Lora, in the searching and searching for answers and truth, trusting there IS more became essential for me. And then I found other moms and dads were doing the same thing, trusting in that which they could not see. Crazy to the “outside world”? Yes, maybe…but when we are shown more, we see more, and we begin to feel a greater sense of hope. It IS a journey…of love and trust.

  • Deborah Young

    Thank you so much for sharing this Sara/Scott. It has been 32 years since losing my first son, Gary, as an infant. And, 3 years since losing my youngest son, Tony. Just recently I’ve been learning more about soul plans and how everything I’ve gone through was planned. At first, I was horrified that I would plan this life but, I’m beginning to understand more and more and feeling so grateful that books, and my energy teacher are helping me answer questions about this journey called life… our life school! I truly believe in ALL signs I’ve received and feel that the Universe and my sons are continuing to place people in my life, helping me find books to read and making sure I found your blog! Blessings to you! Deborah

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Deborah… You’ve been through so much, and amazingly working on the deepest aspects of it all for greater understanding. We must. I know that too. As Lora had written here…trusting in something more when nothing makes sense. And then it begins to make more sense as we open our hearts and minds up to greater knowing. Thank you for sharing Deborah… I know your journey will continue to show you more.

  • Mary Foster

    Reading that made me cry very true indeed I lost my 22 yr old son 9yrs ago n my life will never be the same

    • Sara Ruble

      Mary…so much of this journey is searching for that which brings us greater understanding, hope, gratitude, hopefully peace of mind, and more. I have taken small doses of all of these in and woven them into my life…then added more when it came to me. It takes time to process the new and find what works for us…and then search for more. I’m heartened by the fact you are reading our blog and you are open to what we share and what may help you. And no, we will never be the same…but we can be more than we knew before. Hang in there… xoxo

  • Mary Foster

    Thank u

  • Cindy Haller (Matthew's mom)

    Sara, I always look for your ‘Death Teaches’ posts. You help me with my path of spiritual growth. This latest post will be read over many times. There are several parts of your post that I might like to respond but there are two in particular…… one being ‘trust’ and the other , is ‘soul planning’. I was a semi- spiritual seeker by nature before we lost Matthew. Organized religion wasn’t enlightening me. I needed something more. I read Neale Donald Walsch’s books ,and ‘Conversations with God’ but nothing prepared me for the peace i needed to survive after losing our son, Matthew in 2007. I threw myself into everything and everywhere I could to be at peace, have a ‘knowing’ about our eternal existence. Almost 9 years later I am exhausted from all that I had to process and decipher what is ‘true’ and what is ‘not’. Why am I giving you this background information? Well, you mentioned something in this post that I have held as true but recently I am having a very difficulty reconciling it. That is ‘Our Soul Plan’. How do we plan to come into this world as ‘evil’ beings, destroying others’ lives with emotional and physical torture and murder? I NEVER want to be an evil one just so I know the opposite of evil. That is one soul experience I can’t imagine a loving ‘God’ or ‘eternal light’ or ‘all that is’ would want to experience. I will go on the record now….. I NEVER want to be EVIL!! I have struggled with our soul plan of so much suffering for a long time. I cannot accept that my compassionate, kind, loving heart is only because my soul has been evil.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Cindy…such heartfelt and needed words. Thank you for taking the time to put this all out there. It is so confusing. I understand what you are saying and I can assure you…I have thought and said these words too. Being able to voice your confusion and angst is helpful for everyone…as we learn from one another.

      Within the soul plans there are those who come into their lifetimes to teach contrast. CONTRAST. In doing so the contrast between good and “evil” forces most to look at each side and make choices. Will this choice be what is best for me, my family, grow me? Is it best for all or just me? Do I choose to work towards the greater good or not? So many choices we make in our own lifetimes…and Cindy, we learn from seeing or being exposed to this contrast in others. “I would never do that!” Or “I don’t care about you!” Contrast that with “I could never hurt you or anyone in that way.”

      We all come into life to experience, learn and grow. Your soul plan, in giving this so much thought, creates the need to understand the deeper aspects of our life on earth. You are growing…even with the confusion…by being challenged and yet asking for clarity. Those who come in this life to do and be “evil” create experiences (soul planned) for us to grow. Seeing the reactions in Paris the last few days of such great love and compassion creates the contrast to the bombings…and shows the human spirit to be strong, determined, and resilient. I hope this helps bring you some clarity Cindy…and others too. Thanks for writing. xoxo

  • Pam

    I was evil but didn’t know it
    I was tortured at birth and for the first six years of my life
    It split me from my feelings but I thought I was fine
    I ended up destroying my youngest son till he turned to drugs for relief and died a few months ago. The pain shattered the rock of hidden terror around my heart now I live in a nightmare knowing I used and abused the mistbeautiful being .. I guess I planned this?

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Pam…I’m sorry for the delay in answering you, I’ve been to several conferences, and that took time away from the blog.

      When I read your comments, I wondered how we could answer you. I know your son/Spirit/God/Scott will do that for us.

      When the life you planned before you were born is so, so challenging even as a baby or child, it sets you up for human experiences and emotions that no child or even adult can really understand. It’s too deep. As you have now been broken open into the bereaved mom you see today, let us help you see this differently.

      Trust the meaning of this is not in what you did to your son, but what he signed up to experience in this life With You. He knew the journey before he was born. He chose you to be his mom. He needed growth in ways that may not be considered mainstream, but if he could speak to you today he would tell you what needed to be learned…for him, in this lifetime, were learned. It seems so opposite of what we would want our children to see and learn, and for your childhood as well. Spirit works and teaches within us…using contrast. Tough love? Yes. Confusing? Yes, to us in the body. And yet SO POWERFUL.
      Your son knows you Pam…and loves you. You’ll see him again…
      I hope this helps you…

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