The Soul Plans of Life and Death

The love is for always.

The need to know more is for certain.

There are answers that go beyond the norm. The norm being mainstream…

But then…are we becoming mainstream in our words?

Are more and more of you opening up to the knowing you ARE spiritual beings having human experiences? That EVERY experience is a spiritual experience?

Your child, children, loved ones are the spirit(s) who have brought you to this knowing.

That is the power of LOVE.

And a relentless need to understand what death teaches.

Welcome to my life…

I have not written for a couple of months. It makes me, as a spirit in my body, a little crazy to not write…

But I have learned patience.

It is not all going to happen in my vision of time.

Oh no… Spirit works within the soul plan’s timing. 

What is needed will occur…only when the soul is ready for that next step.

If you are new to our blog…

I am Sara Ruble, Scott’s mom. Scott died in 1994. He talks to me, through me…and shares the spiritual workings that in the past have been mysterious and/or confusing, ignored, feared, or…

And so we write…to teach and share and open you up to that which has brought me the peace I could not have known before I learned and…now live…through my soul planned life.

Soul plans…are created before we are born with everyone we will come into life to experience that lifetime with.  Scott and I planned this lifetime together. Yes…his sudden death at nineteen. My only child… The future… My life knowing Scott still exists. All soul planned.

If only it had been so simple. This is the answer to life and death. But it’s not…it is deep…it’s new thinking…my new reality…now that Scott has shown me more.

Every life has great meaning…every death has great meaning…even when we cannot see it fully… Until we see can more.

The “more” is that life is a continuous cycle…of being born, fulfilling a life that was planned with us, for us…and yes…leaving when our plans have been completed. We cannot know when that is…because there will ALWAYS be mystery in life…

But that mystery forces us to find answers. Oh yes, it pushes us until we think we cannot go any further… I had to…perhaps you will too.

Scott/Spirit shares…

When the love and the pain are the pieces that keep you from believing…or moving into a new belief…or seeing more…

Consider this…

The love is the piece that brought you together…in this lifetime, for the experiences you shared, the love you continue to hold onto…and now desperately miss…

It is growing you…whether you see and feel that or not. It is.

You came to the earth to experience and grow. To see more. To reach out and help others…or be helped. To evolve as only spiritual beings in the human body can do. Always connected to the spiritual…and your loved ones.

Look for the connections, the signs, messages, in your dreams, feeling their presence. Are they there…showing you they did not really leave?  Perhaps one penny or one butterfly at a time?

We know you want and need that connection…that is why you are here…delving into or even trusting into the spiritual meaning of life and death…putting old thinking aside…for the new…

It is the lifeline that has kept Mom/Sara and I together. Of course she did not always know this… but when it was time for her to discover “soul planning”, the eternal connection of love that brought us together…to experience this lifetime as mother and son…she was forever changed.

And that is one reason I, as Scott, left this earth…with my soul plan completed by age nineteen. On a human level…far too young… On a spiritual level, I learned EVERYTHING I came to earth to learn. And then it was Mom’s work here to grieve, evolve and learn, teach and grow….through my death/leaving…and for her own spiritual work.

Death teaches. Pain teaches. Love teaches. The beauty of this is that Mom/Sara was never given the plans…she has lived them as you must, as everyone will do…and she has learned…will continue to learn…what is needed…until her life is complete.

Your spiritual connection with your child, children, loved ones is truly an ongoing relationship. The more you understand and begin to see this in your own life, the distance you may feel  lessens, it becomes more evident that nothing can stop your love, the bond, the commitment you made to one another…before you were born.

We will continue to bring the spiritual insights of the journey back and forth in your lives, our ongoing relationships…and MORE.

Truly, the more you know, the more you will know…

With great love,

Sara and Scott/Spirit

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  • Gretchen Schwalbach

    Hi there! Great to read this journal today Sara. 💓 I think about the retreat you spoke at often and appreciate everything we worked on and shared with each other. The stories and commitments to the love for our children was so very meaningful…
    I enjoy everything you offered that weekend and your connection to Scott is so beautiful!!
    Peace to you on this day and during this Christmas season…
    Thank you again Sara,

    Gretchen Schwalbach

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Gretchen,
      Thank you for writing. I was so moved by your story, and the all the moms who attended the retreat. Getting to know you and hear about your courageous daughter, your own incredible experiences and more, has deeply settled inside of me… You are truly an inspiration Gretchen.
      I must tell you too, that I loved helping you as you worked your magic creating the beautiful meditation space. It was perfect…

      Thank you for coming to our blog. As I shared at the retreat, our children continue to live through us…and with us too. Scott and I share for you and others to understand the bigger picture we live within, with our children…and our life changing spiritual journeys. Love to you…

  • Stephanie robinson

    I have missed you two, I knew in time we would get another lesson, I had been patiently waiting, I am seeking further knowledge. I know that since the death of Brandon I have become a much more loving/compassionate person, I do know that it’s Pain/death/love that is teaching me, crazy as that sounds, I know here that is understood. Great to hear from you both.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Stephanie… We so appreciate your connecting with us for being patient too. I’m never in control of when the blogs are written. Purely spiritual…and that is a challenge for me sometimes!
      Being as open as you are to new ways of looking at life and death…is what shifts you into greater knowing and understanding. Stay with us..I know more is yet to come. And you are ready. xoxo

  • Roselyn Tomasulo

    Working so hard. Hard work to swim through the waves to feel my son’s presence
    Thank you for opening my eyes a bit more

    • Sara Ruble

      Your profound words, Roselyn, of swimming through the waves to feel your son’s presence brings a visual many others could relate to as well. It is a struggle. We take one day at a time, one word, one step in a new direction to find our balance in this ocean of emotions. I hope you’ll continue to read…and even go back to the beginning of our blogs that are archived below Scott’s photo to see how I have ridden the waves too…and how the spiritual connection with Scott has confirmed his continuing presence in my life. I want that for you too… xoxo

  • Karen P

    I don’t usually write online.
    I don’t even know if I am ready. I think I haven’t risen to the surface to even ride the waves yet.
    I lost my beautiful daughter Wanakie on August 9th and I am taking care of her “Boys” as best I can. Good Boys – I use the term Boys loosely since one just turned 18 and the other 21 this past oct and nov. A friend in disguise gave me your card Sara. I think that’s all I will say today if you don’t mind. Hurts to talk about it.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Karen,
      I’m sure you are still in a state of shock with your daughter’s death. As we all have had to…it is one day at a time. I know even that is a great challenge. For now, I’ll share this with you. In the bigger picture of life and death Scott and I write about, trust you will find your way…even when you feel you do not have the desire or the energy. It will take time, but trust that time is part of the journey we take when grief enters our life. And trust Wanakie will let you know she is with you still Karen… Love is forever… I know this for certain. xox

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