Our Lives Are Planned

If you have been reading our blogs for awhile, you know I’ve expressed how much needed healing came from my learning our human lives are planned before we are born… Soul planned. I cannot tell you how important knowing and living within this spiritual reality has been for me. Absolutelylife changing.

This grief journey is one of discovery, learning, opening up to the new…through our pain…and the ability to go beyond what we’ve seen through our human eyes. What  if we look through Spirit’s “eyes” and go deeper into the reality of what our children and loved ones now see and know about the lives we planned together before we were born?

Spirit knows it is time for this to be shared openly with you. Eventually our blogs will come together in a book of sorts (I’m not always told all the details until it is time!) to put the soul planning into the hands of those who need it the most…the grieving. You. In the meantime, all the blogs are archived on our webpage www.deathteaches.com, along with the heartfelt questions and comments posted on each blog. Scott and I answer each one to bring even greater clarity to our readers. And isn’t that what we yearn for?  Clarity…in the midst of our grief?

Scott/Spirit’s words ~

As we share more about soul planning, we in Spirit, with Mom/Sara know that many of you reading are grieving the deaths of your beloved child or children.

The love of a child and the need to understand the depths of that love can be seen in the faces and words of bereaved parents.  It is a death that was not ever anticipated…

It is the death that could not ever be imagined actually…occurring. No matter the age of the child… The children are much of the force behind the need for soul planning to be shared in this blog.

There is a bond that takes place in Spirit before the birth of every child that cannot be seen… The planning that goes into this child coming to the parents in their lifetime is one of depth and great meaning…wrapped in profound love.

It is spiritual…so magnificent it cannot be fully described in human terms.

For the human parents this is a soul plan of love, dreams and hopes. Fear, anxiety, disappointment, the need to be a round the clock caretaker and nurturer can be daunting. The soul planning includes those needed experiences. Every action in their lives is co-created by the child and the parents and it is done with pure unconditional love…before birth.

Because…the birth of every child is designed to create new experiences for the parents, the entire family, and beyond…during that lifetime.

Have you seen this in your own life? Taking care of a baby pushes one to untold places that were never imagined. Some are extraordinary, some beyond exhausting, some filled with laughter and joy, some with great pain and angst.

In this lifetime Sara shared with Scott…many of these moments were filled with the fear of the unknown…until she found herself moving through each day expecting the unknowns to be a possibility. And then she learned to reach out for help, to adapt, to try new ways of giving me, Scott, the care I needed and demanded as her child.

Not unlike you…

And then my death… Your child or children’s deaths…

How does a mother or father adapt to the death of a beloved child who filled your life with love,  new experiences, awe, demands, dreams, and so much more?  A healthy child…a challenged child…a child with health issues… some so severe that 24 hour care was needed…one that in time became dependent on drugs or took risks…and yet the love remained strong. Or it took a toll on the family, marriage or jobs. Sometimes a huge toll.

All this was soul planned before anyone in the family was born.

Nothing is random…in the spiritual planning. Your spirit was present in the soul planning with the spirits of other members of your family, caretakers if needed, doctors, friends, colleagues those who would challenge you, hurt you and those who would remain by your side. All chose to be together in this lifetime.  Needed to be. Co-creating with love…knowing before you were born this life would be touched, broken open by tragedy…but through the pain, death, love, and confusion… life would be immersed in deep, deep meaning…and exquisite spiritual purpose.

All of it…soul planned before you were born to insure every valuable experience lived would be lived fully…within God/Spirit’s constant unwavering presence…whether felt, not felt, or questioned.

So necessary for you to know and hold on to tightly…

This spiritual love will keep you and your child, children, bonded in a love that is truly stronger than the pain and the missing…no matter what.

Trusting, in time with this new knowledge…your child lived and fulfilled his or her completed soul plan. Every day was planned and everyday was a day of growth, even if you could not see it…spiritually, it was. Mom/Sara most certainly struggled with the death of nineteen year old Scott. How could my life be over at that age and yet I had completed my soul planned life? 

This is deep we know…

And this is why we bring you into the bigger picture of life and death…when it just does not make sense through human minds…it demands the answers only Spirit/God can provide.

One of the hardest aspects of understanding the soul plans is that it appears that pain, unjust or deadly actions by others, the unfairness of life, unresolved relationships, dying by suicide, or many other aspects of life and death is meant to be. Why would Spirit/God create all this beautiful love only to have it torn away from you under any circumstances? Next week we will help you understand…

If you have questions, please know we will answer them in our upcoming blogs. We hope you will take the time to share those in our comments section at the bottom of the blog.

Trust love,

Sara and Scott/Spirit

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  • Jessica

    Love this so much. Love learning from both of you. You have taught me to see more. Thank you!

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Jessica…thank you.You have such a deep determination to understand the soul planning and life. I know it’s coming to show you the greater meaning you will need for the future. Love to you…

  • Angie

    It’s hard to understand how the life of a 22 year olds life ends due to drug addiction was planned & that there is some good reason for it? What could there spirit have accomplished? Was their painful experience meant to help someone else’s spirit grow? So maybe it was the others person “fault”? That the 22 year olds life had to end in that tragic way.??

    • Sara Ruble

      I feel your need to grasp all this Angie. It is deep and so new…just like everything you are trying to absorb. Your son’s addiction was soul planned…everything in life and the death is. WHY did he and you have to go through all that happened? I would have asked that too…
      Scott/Spirit shares this…
      Spiritually every life is seeking balance from this life’s experiences AND past lives. There is much that is confusing because you, as his mom, can only know this life’s experiences. Spiritually everyone on earth is seeking that balance too. We do not call it karma any more…because it is not a negative aspect. Spiritually, what your son, you, and others around you are experiencing is the need to know more…and that pushes you to understand the deeper meaning of life and death. There is great meaning in every aspect of life. Going through this very challenging lifetime, your son has cleared many troubling lifetimes and he will be free of the need to invest in “unhealthy” ways. He knows that now too.
      Thank you for writing us… Please stay with us Angie, as we continue the teaching of soul planning in the blog. More clarification to come. xoxo

  • Stephanie robinson

    Finding Sara and Scotts blogs must have been destiny, I lost my Brandon 12/5/13, I now know the signs I’ve received are actually signs and not my imagination, I knew they were SIGNS but others made me feel like I’m crazy, anyway I’m validated, I’ve gone back from the beginning of Sara’s blogs and feel we are on this journey together❤️❤️❤️

    • Sara Ruble

      Knowing others are receiving signs Stephanie, and traveling this confusing and painful journey of grief is helped tremendously by the support of hearing other’s experiences. Thank you for sharing with us. Love to you…

  • Rachel

    Thank you for this, Sara.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Rachel…for reading. It’s for you, for me, for all who need our words. xoxo

  • Tonia

    Hi Sara. I love this information you are receiving from Scott/spirit. I feel my son and hear him. At first it really seemed like him and even now if I call him he’s right there. More like he is in my body. I can feel him and his love and like he’s embracing me from the inside out. I’ve done a lot of reading and searching and meditating to be ok. He committed suicide. I also hear from spirit but it seems different from him. More all knowing and direct guidance. I am doing very good after three years, Ive learned a lot about death and life. I feel like this is a kind of illusion. That we are expressing ourselves in a body and that the body is neutral. Not who we really are. I feel like we came to create heaven on earth through a body. To create with love and spirit and each other in unity. I feel like we just lost our way and started creating out of fear. And now we believe in the illusion created by fear. I believe we are called to recognize this and to get back to our true selves in spirit and create from that place of knowing. To turn our attention away from the illusions of fear and death and lack and poverty and illness. To really believe that we are accomplished already and create and lead or show an example of what that looks like. What do you and Scott think about this?

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Tonia, for sharing the profound experiences and new knowing you have gained in the last three years. Knowing your son is with you is the greatest blessing. Knowing he did not just “leave”…and that there is great meaning for his life and death, and for yours, is what you soul planned with your son. Trust the lessons you receive from Spirit and him. There is much to learn when we are opened up on this level. I know Spirit is leading us into greater knowing and more authenticity too. This is amazing Tonia. xoxo

  • Jennifer

    Thank you both for validating what I have been trying to make my “mantra”, since losing my 17 year old son, Austin, on October 17, 2014. I look forward to following your blog.

    • Sara Ruble

      I love knowing we are validating what you are being shown, feeling, and knowing now Jennifer. How wise to create a”mantra” for yourself that opens you up to greater knowing… All a part of your soul plan to feel strong in your knowing. Wonderful!

  • Carolyn tuccio

    Thank you Sara/Scott, I always questioned whether our death was planned before we were born and know I feel that this is the case. My grandson Matthew was killed in a tragic car accident a year ago yesterday, June 1,2015. We had a celebration of his life with many of his friends and family. There was such an outpouring of love and I knew my Matthew was there too. He has given us so many signs that comfort us so, but it hard getting past missing his physical presence. Still forever broken, carolyn

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Carolyn,
      Those days are the reminders of so much. It is beautiful to be surrounded by love and support with those who share your love for Matthew… Yes, missing him is so big, so real, so deep. Please stay with us as we share more in the next few weeks… To know more can open up new thinking and connections too. He’s never far away…and he sees it all. xoxo

  • Roselyn

    Struggle so much. My son died at age 22. Only child , only one who died in the car accident.
    Why, sweet , caring man with a new job and full of love.
    Signs of him, not sure but trying to trust again in life. It is hard once you have been slapped with this loss.
    Thank you for giving me some hope.
    Love cannot die.

    • Sara Ruble

      I understand your pain Roselyn. It’s all so new, so big, so unbelievable. Grief takes time…and in that time we try to grasp the reality of what has become our life…with our child now in Spirit. Be kind to yourself…find that which brings you nuggets of information that you can believe in, hang onto, trust in life again. I know your son is very aware of everything, including his soul plan and yours. The two of you will always be connected. I’m sure he’ll show you more… xoxo

      • roselyn tomasulo

        thank you for sharing your grief and love

  • Nancy

    I am a newcomer to your blog. I am very interested in learning more as I lost a son also. I have received some signs but will welcome you and your son’s messages on how to become more open to receiving them. I am also interested in reading more about soul planning. I find this very comforting. Thank you.

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you so much for commenting Nancy. We need answers and information to help balance the grief and confusion we experience on this most difficult journey. I hope we can continue to help you in the ways you most need. I love that you used the word “comforting”… <3 xoxo

  • Scotty

    I too, like Tonia, have read or listened to numerous books on this subject and feel it to be truth. My son passed from cancer two years ago. My husband has come to accept life after death & the possibility if reincarnation but he just can’t go with soul planning. It makes him angry because he thinks it takes away free choice & that there is someone up there telling him what he has to do. It’s okay. He’s come a long way in these 2 years and though Tucker doesn’t talk to him like he does to e, he remains open to new ideas & possibilities. As for me, I can understand our agreeing to this life’s plan because my son & I experienced unconditional love that extends to all mankind. I still slip back occasionally to the human mother’s tears & missing but I can honor that part of the journey also.
    Thank you for providing a place for us to share a little of what it’s like, for you can’t even imagine unless you’ve walked in these shoes.

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Scotty, I so appreciate your being open and sharing your thoughts…and what you now know about your relationship with Tucker. Seeing your husband growing too is so helpful. Every step is needed and powerful. Acknowledging that you miss your son…yes…that is so real. No matter what I know now and even hearing Scott…I miss him being here in his body.
      Your time working on this new knowing and your journey, Scotty, is so important…more than we can understand sometimes. Thank you for writing… xoxo

  • Staci

    Sara and Scott,
    I have been reading your blog for about a year. This most recent post caused me to have the most emotions. I lost my only son Ryan, the day before my birthday,in 2012. He was murdered. It has been hard to come to grips with,definitely. I look forward to receiving notification in my email that you and your son have written a new post to your blog. I feel God knew I needed a messages to get me through this process in my earthly existence. When I read your words I can feel what being said by you and Scott is true. That our lives were planned in spirit together with everyone we come in contact with here! Still, It’s hard to understand why my son, just 23, such a beautiful, beautiful person inside and out, chose this existence and death. Through your blogs I do feel stronger and almost have a knowledge or remembering of what is being said, by you and by Scott! Thank you, Sara for this blog, I cannot tell you how many times, your words have saved me from taking my own life!
    With deepest gratitude,

    • Sara Ruble

      As a mom Staci, I am so moved by your words. We are all on this journey seeking out help…looking for meaning and something, anything to hold onto. I so trust what Scott/Spirt brings to all of us when his words flow through me. Take his words and know he and Ryan are speaking to you. Spiritually they are together…One with God/Spirit. If you found our blog, I know you were meant to. Trust those moments of “remembering” you wrote of…are real. This journey is far more spiritual than many who grieve can see. I’m glad you are seeing that with us Staci. Til next time… xoxo

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