What can we teach you today?

I have written this blog at least ten times…

Every time I sat here at the computer…with Scott coming through me…we would write…and spend hours doing this…

Still no blog went out. Every page we wrote was deleted.

So in my humanness…I would get somewhat impatient…but still trusting in the perfect timing of Spirit coming through me.

Yesterday we did this once more…sit and write… and then…deleted it all!

So even though I know I hear Scott and we write together…his words, Spirit’s words…and I type…I’ve learned if it’s not time for this blog to go out…it will not go out.

As I type right now…I still do not know if you will be reading these words this week.

WHY does this happen to me?

Because I am human. I am limited… I cannot see everything this Universe provides…or will bring me…or how I will be used on this planet…or even if I have free will.

Free will?

What do I know about free will now…over twenty years since Scott’s death…and years of working to understand all this about death?

I know there is a lot we do not know.

I am still being shown more… and less… Becoming more aware and less angry and confused…

For that I am grateful…beyond grateful…

What have I done all these years? I’ve shared much of it with you…in previous blogs…

Questioned everything about life and death.
Got grief counseling.  Pain, agony…insights.
Created a support group for parents and facilitated it.  New friends, support, sharing.
Attending conferences.  Learning, learning.
Created a Children’s Memorial.  I want to help you
Speaking at conferences. This is what I have learned. I want to help you on your grief journey.
Writing a book with two colleagues.  My words on paper.
Presenting spirituality workshops.  Going deeper…seeing more…trusting in more
And…seeing myself growing through all of these profound and needed experiences.
Now, the blog.  Death Teaches

The important message here is that somehow I kept on searching the best I could…out of pain and fear and love…and was brought greater awareness and peace of mind through every aspect of this arduous, complicated, frightening, yet enlightening and healing journey.

And then more came to me than I could have ever known…

Where am I today…with this journey?

Is it all about grief? Yes…in some ways. The grief part of my life…is that my beloved only child died.  Life changing…and forever. The grief enveloped me…and challenged me beyond what I ever thought I could endure… I had to search for greater meaning

Because of Scott…I was opened up to my spiritual journey…

A journey of the heart and soul.  It cannot get any deeper than this…

And I came to a place of knowing, believing, and living this quote …I am a spiritual being having human experiences… Not a human being having spiritual experiences. (Thank you Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for your insightful words)

I am having spiritual experiences! There is no other way to explain it.

These words gave me new focus….actually a new connection with Scott. I feel it so strongly… Life changing. Deep and profound. A new mantra for me…

I knew Scott was out there…aware of me and my life…and connecting with me to make sure I knew he was not gone.

He is Spirit…in Spirit. He and I are held together by a strong unbreakable spiritual bond.

Scott brought me to this knowing… My life…his death…have shown me that I was extremely limited in how I perceived life and death. I knew so little…before…he left this earth…

Today I add more words to this mantra… I am a spiritual being in a human body having spiritual experiences…within my human experiences.

Do you think that is possible? Does that make sense to you too?

Can you see your life and your loved one’s death having greater meaning and purpose than you could have ever known? If not yet…watch for the signs and messages…and the experiences that come to open your heart and soul to new friends, new perspectives, new words, deeper meaning…greater love…

Scott Spirit will add more to this next week… When it is time

Sara and Scott Spirit

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  • Jana

    Perfect in every way, thank you!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much for this today, Sara & Scott, I needed some encouragement after a good cry.

    • Sara Ruble

      Even on days like this Jennifer…you are becoming more aware and taking care of yourself. I know it’s hard work. xoxo
      Thank you for writing…

  • Patricia

    Absolutely, I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Just one leg of the overall spiritual journey. Sucks sometimes and we often don’t understand it, but insights will and do come in time.

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes Patricia… This journey requires so much of us. In the midst of the confusion and pain…we find new insights, validation, and awareness. We are shown more that encourages us to hang on… Hang on… There are more answers coming. xoxo

  • Lori Ann

    Thank you for this Sara. I have come to realize that I AM a Spiritual being, having Human experiences, but, as you said, I am also having Spiritual experiences. Sometimes I cannot believe what I am experiencing, but I know I am being guided by Bobby. From day one, he has shown me that he is with me, that he is watching me and hearing me. As I Pray daily, I pray to be shown more, to experience more, to open and awaken more, but learned I need to go with the ebb and flows of my grief. In time, Divine timing, I will learn more. I am still early in my grief journey and I need to let certain fears go, pain go, grief go and as I said, I believe it all happens in Divine timing. I love and learn so much from you, Blessings Sara and Scott xoxo

    • Sara Ruble

      Oh Lori Ann… Such important words you express here. Thank you for sharing. We are all so vulnerable in this grief…and even with the signs and messages as you know you receive from Bobby…there is the hard work of grieving and learning…and seeing ourselves as MORE. Yes..spiritual beings in human bodies having spiritual experiences… To recognize this BIGGER picture place we are in helps us see the greater connection with our children and loved ones…and allows us to grow in beautiful new ways…even in our grief. Love, love.

  • Ginger C

    Just read latest blog and have to say your struggle on those days also showed your human spirit.
    In the end you wer able to share the beauty of you and Scott together.
    Thank you for the reminder to believe and persevere although not always easy.
    Proud of you my friend.
    With love

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you dear Ginger… We came together in the cemetery that day many years ago…and shared our signs from Rocco and Scott. It was so validating and powerful to know we both were healing within those messages…and trusting in that bigger picture of death. Spiritually…we know we were meant to meet up that day. You are an amazing friend Ginger. Love, love.

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