Soul Planning Begins Before Birth…

What do you know about the life you are living? Does it go from day to day…creating so, so much you do not want, you insist you do not need, or cannot handle? 

I understand.

Suddenly my life changed and I was completely unaware of what life was doing to me. It was excruciating, frightening, unfair, chaotic…with so much uncertainty coming at me from all sides. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? I would cry out!  STOP THIS!

Do you know what I am talking about? Is that where you are, have been, and still are confused about life?

Did anyone ever teach us about life and why we are here? I mean…really teach us about life?

And then there is death

and soul plans.

and murder…

and soul planning

and courage

and the death of a baby

and vulnerability

and anger

and soul planning is teaching us

and the unexpected death…

and soul planning is bringing  justice…or not

Drugs…disease…suicide…floods…fires…shootings…war…accidents…more ways than we can imagine…

Really? You might ask…

Who plans life with death as the ending???  And all that follows??


Scott/Spirit explains…

Ultimately…as you know…death comes to everyone.

It is the only way a completed life returns to spirit.

Remembering this… You are spiritual beings having human experiences…that are planned spiritual experiences too. 

The human view of a completed life is very different from the spiritual view.  LOVE is at the core of both views…but the human experience cannot see it all…it is a limited view. The human view of completion may be a long life…one that has had opportunities to live more fully…childhood, college maybe, marriage, children, jobs, travel, hobbies, grandchildren, retirement. Is that a completed life?

You may wonder how anyone under the age of 50 perhaps, could have lived a full life…in that short span of time.

The spiritual view of a completed life…from miscarriage to any age…is completing the soul plan that was created before birth…for each human coming into the body for their lifetime. Every aspect of their plan will be completed through their life experiences…as needed for their soul plan to evolve them… always for growth, learning, creating, and the greater good…

To help you understand…

As Scott, I was born to Sara and my dad, as planned in Spirit many years before they were even born. They needed to come together to not only create me, their only child, but to evolve with one another…and as individuals. They had been in each others lives before…and in Spirit knew they had unresolved experiences that needed to be balanced in this lifetime.  Plans were made within the pure unconditional love of Spirit/God. They chose to be in this lifetime…knowing of everything that would unfold in their human lives…even their much wanted  baby who would not survive.

My mom and dad met, fell in love, and married… Mom experienced a miscarriage… This was a baby (spirit) needing to be with her for a short period of time. Mutual unconditional love existed there as always…and as planned that baby needed just a few months with Sara/Mom in utero for a completed life…

There is always deep spiritual meaning…lessons…co-creating…with love.

What experiences did that create for Mom/Sara and my dad?  Disappointment, confusion, pain. Yes… But love and nurturing had already begun. She was forever changed. She was growing. What did that tiny beloved baby teach them? Don’t give up on the dream of parenthood…trust it will happen…courage, try again…faith in the future…faith in what might be…deeper love.

Their baby…needed to be a part of Mom/Sara and my dad’s lives, to be within her briefly, but for many powerful reasons. In case you are wondering, I, Scott, was not that baby…but that often happens. The miscarried baby will come back to the family again…soul planned for all the meaning and purpose needed on a soul level….and for the human experience.

To understand the depth of each birth, life, and death will take time to absorb. The spiritual view of life and death is that soul plans are created to be lived in the human body… For love to be seen, for pain to be experienced, for growth and awareness to evolve through everything.

Spiritually, as you read these words, you are experiencing with Sara and Scott and hundreds of others the greater meaning of soul planning.  The world is expanding spiritually…and death is a masterful teacher. Your need to understand is seen by your loved ones as you planned to take this journey to a deeper place of meaning…together.  Yes…together.

Your comments following last weeks blog were very telling of your immense love, pain, questions, desire, and needs to understand the bigger picture of what has happened in your life, with your child and loved ones.  Your sharing helps our readers know there is a commonality in the need and desperation for truth and greater knowing.

We will answer your questions…

Trust love,

Sara and Scott/Spirit

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  • Claudia

    Thank you for sharing Scott’s messages. Andrew’s angelversary is coming up this Sunday. I’m experiencing many meaningful synchronicities this week! <3

    • Sara Ruble

      I think of you Claudia so often…and your wonderful Andrew. I feel like I know him in so many ways between you and Sarah sharing. I also know we had to meet that day on the hotel shuttle. A soul planned experience for the three of doubt. <3
      With your spiritual awareness and continuously working on your grief, you see more and know more. With this day coming...knowing he is with you, showing you in the ways he does...allows you to feel his continuing love. Soul planned...yes. xoxo

  • Cheryl

    I am starting to embrace this “soul plan” idea more and more, but I still question the people who do truly heineas acts against others. Rape/incest of an innocent child. Torture of others, murder of thousands. How can there be a “soul plan” to commit such atrocities?

    • Sara Ruble

      Thank you Cheryl, for asking this important question. It needs to be explained as only Spirit can do…

      As Scott, now in Spirit…we soul planned for this question to be asked. Everyone reading is trying to grasp the meaning of life and death and the “atrocities” that occur…that you see and hear about…or live through. It is heartbreaking and extremely difficult to see meaning in what life brings to some. We are going to explain more next week…because it is so needed to understand the complexities of the human experiences. Spiritually it all has profound meaning…based on many lives lived with others…in the human body. Not being able to remember past lives…only knowing this one creates MANY questions.
      For now, please trust that your loved ones…now in Spirit…see with GREAT clarity why their lives were complete, why others left their human bodies, and why it is so important to understand the soul planning. xoxoxo

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