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Today Scott and I answer more of the questions we received. We thank you all for sending them… Your questions help others…it’s how we learn and then reach out to others.

When the questions came for “suicide” I was hit with the knowing again…I haven’t experienced this…and you need answers. I feel your desperation…

And I must say this before we go on… If you are new to our blog…I encourage you to go to the archived blogs (on the right side of the page) for the greater view of my experiences, my spiritual path…and my ability to hear Scott…now on the Other Side. In the blogs Scott and I write often about our life plans/soul plans and how we have come to this place of writing…and sharing.

This does get deep…maybe deeper than you’ve ever been told or read…but taking the chance of reading this opens you up to new thinking…answers…and a new vision of death…

This journey into grief and out again…and you can come through it…forces the love and the pain and all we carry within to come to the forefront of our thoughts, lives, and existence. It’s almost too big to describe and live within at the same time.

Until…we begin to get answers and new perspectives that add something more to our knowing.

That is why I am doing this blog… My child in Spirit, Scott, is the answers…He is your child, your loved ones too… In Spirit. And I hear him.

Just as I was more than desperate for answers and clarity in my grief before I heard Scott’s words… I know you are too…

This is what Scott/Spirit shares

No matter how your child or loved one died…unconditional love is immediate in Spirit…as soon as death occurs…and no matter HOW death occurs…or circumstances that occurred in life…there is only pure unconditional love for you…still in the body here on earth. WE will always know you and love you…

And in Spirit…WE exist in only unconditional love…within God/Spirit

WE, immediately upon death, understand the lessons and everything that brought us back to Spirit/Heaven. WE see the incredible meaning and depth of our relationships…with you…our family and friends, others…and that life and death teach… Teaching way beyond what WE could have known while in our bodies…

Fear of the unknown is what many fear…

WE assure you…there is no hell…like “Heaven” and “Hell”.

Hell is truly the life experiences that are so bold and hard, life changing and seemingly unexplainable…that ultimately teach… Some on their life plan/soul journeys will become more loving and compassionate coming out of their “hell”…knowing there was meaning to it somehow. And they grow… Others may continue that bold journey and hurt others…find themselves in a deeper hell…until they leave this earth. Soul planned. Again…everyone learns through contrast…and seeing or experiencing the opposite of what we knew.

Life is truly is about the experiences here on earth…learning, loving, experiencing…and then returning to Spirit knowing WE lived a life of contrast…light/dark…and taught others as we learned…and experienced.

Pain teaches, fear teaches, love teaches. That IS life


In the body…in this life…suicide brings up a multitude of unanswered questions and excruciating pain.

Scott/Spirit/Your loved ones on the Other Side ask you to think about this…as WE answer this complicated question…

Why is it that someone so loved would take their own life?

As WE wrote last week… Every death is soul planned before you are born. Every life is complete when death comes. (Even when we cannot see or understand that in our earthly knowing).

Even when someone may try two or three or four times to take their own life…if did not occur at those times…it was not meant to…

When any death occurs…including death by suicide…their life was complete…

That may be hard for you to believe…

Mom/Sara could never have thought my life as Scott could possibly be “complete” at nineteen. I was just heading into a broad new world of college…bright, determined, and loving…with unlimited potential. …And she would have screamed at anyone who told her that my life was complete… Until…she knew more…

Complete in the way your loved one…any loved one…soul planned their lifetime…

Yes…before they were born. Before any of us are born.

Life is not random… WE’ve said this before… And no one knows for certain when their life will be complete… Death comes… There is a bigger plan for us… It is a part of the life cycle.

Complete… Meaning all the experiences you came into this lifetime for…even the youngest baby… were experienced before leaving.

Trust the love and the spiritual needs of that now eternal spiritual being…your loved one…
is doing important spiritual work… Not to cleanse themselves or to right wrongs…That is not necessary. It is the spiritual needs of that loved one…to have experienced life and death in a way that was planned before they were born…

And when suicide or any death occurs…most assuredly the love and lives of everyone around them is changed. …They needed to leave for their spiritual work.

Then…as hard as it is…the spiritual work on earth begins in new ways…for you.

You evolve…as you see more…learn more…become more aware. Yes…day after day after day…it is a most difficult, often horrendous way to learn.

You could never have been prepared for the death of your child or the loved one you grieve so deeply for… Never.

What preparation could have helped you…shown you an easier way to do this work?

Your love pushes you…and because you love so deeply and miss so greatly… You desperately seek out answers…

As Scott/Spirit… I see clearly MY life had and continues to have great GREAT meaning. Am I any different than your loved one…your child? Truly…all lives are beyond meaningful

In SpiritWE are all unique…yet very similar. WE see the future you are working towards… WE know your journey…and will show you more too…

Trusting in that which you cannot see…but know exists…shows the depth of your love and commitment to US in Spirit…

Death teaches in ways you cannot know…now

You are here for a reason…many reasons.

WE are in your life because it was meant to be … We planned our lives to be together…in one way or another… A forever connection.

Trust love.  Trust love.   Trust love.   Trust OUR love.

Sara and Scott xox

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  • Kimberly Trent

    Thank you♡

  • Ellie Braun-Haley

    I was led to read your remarks this morning and am so glad I did. I am happy you are on this path my dear friend, because you are not only learning and growing and comforted regarding your own son, but you are placing things in our pathway to help each of us. May you be blessed for your kindness.

    In my research regarding death, angels, power of prayer, miracles etc. I did record two stories of suicides. Both held answers. However one in PARTICULAR, was especially touching in that it provided many unanswered questions.

    A young man, married with two children had problems in his life. First his father died of a heart attack, and too long later his wife left him, taking the children. This poor fellow was lost in his pain and sorrow. I will shorten this: He was staying at the home of a dear friend (and the friend’s wife, whom I shall refer to as Anna). One morning Anna woke up and discovered that their distraught friend was not around. She felt uncomfortable and worried. She tried to shake this off but it was soon tugging too much at her emotions. So she phoned around trying to locate him. Finally Anna called out to a friend in a small town to the north of her. (This was where the fellow worked, and I shall refer to him as Ken).

    “Please will you go to the garage and check to see if he is all right?” she asked of her friend.

    The friend agreed to check on Ken, but she got there to discover a vehicle running indoors with all doors and windows closed. An ambulance was called but the efforts to get Ken’s heart beating fully, failed. He died.

    That night Anna, had a dream. This dream is of great importance.

    In this dream Ken was leaning against a green wall. The wall was very high and the paint on the wall was peeling off.

    Ken was slouched and in the shadows. He was wearing sweat pants. His body language showed he was unsure. Anna thought it was strange because Ken didn’t own sweat pants and she had never seen any in any of the days of doing the laundry for all.

    Though Ken was in the shadows, there was a door not far from him. This door was like a wooden, carved, Dutch door, in that the top half could open and close separate from the bottom half. And a light spilled out from the door, since the door was half way open.

    Ken’s father, who had died a few months earlier, came out of the light. He reached out to his son and spoke his name saying, “come with me.” He took his son’s hand and led him through the doorway into the light.

    In the morning the Anna could still vividly recall all that had transpired in her dream.

    She received a phone call later in the morning. It was the hospital asking if she would pick up all of Ken’s personal effects. She responded , “yes”. So she made the drive to the hospital and was given a paper sack with Ken’s belongings and when she opened the bag later she was startled to see among the contents, a pair of sweat pants. She pulled them out mystified for these were indeed exactly the same as those she saw in her dream and she saw them for the first time in the dream and now for the second time in real life.

    Something was working at her and she decided to drive to the garage where Ken had worked and where he died. She knew the location but had never been inside the building. When she stepped inside she gasped as she looked up at the tall wall and saw it had been painted green and was now peeling. This was the wall from her dream! And immediately she spotted the carved wooden door. It too was from her dream. It was a Dutch door. The top and bottom sections could open separately from one another.

    “I began going through the drawers,” she told me.

    And I asked her, “Anna, what were you looking for?”

    She responded, “a note. I thought surely he left me a message!. So I was searching for a note.”

    I reached out to touch her hand during our interview and I said, “You already received a message. YOu know you did.” I was referring to the dream.

    “Yes,” she responded, “I know!”

    After recording this story, I felt sure that those who commit suicide definitely return home to our Heavenly Father and there is always someone who loves them deeply to bring them home and to welcome them.

    I was not looking for that type of a story in my research but felt it was very important to include it in the book. The book was meant to help parents and others who are grieving and even those who are seeking to know answers, hence I felt the story about Ken and Anna was a very important story.

    Keep up the work you are doing my dear Sara.
    Hugs Ellie Braun-Haley

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes! Such an important and powerful life and death experience to share… Thank you from me and and our readers. We can never seem to fully understand ALL that we came to this earth to experience…but it this kind of proof that has shown me too, Ellie…that we are given and most definitely shown how Spirit… God…our loved ones can and do show us more about the Other Side and our connections. It is they who teach us about death…and how to live our lives with greater awareness. Thank you, Thank you Ellie. xoxo

  • Audrey

    Yes, Thank you. Today is the second anniversary of my son’s passing, your words are especially meaningful for me today.

    • Sara Ruble

      On this second anniversary Audrey…I send you love and the knowing that the hard grief work you are doing is SO important on this day and always. You are never alone…I know this now! Let your love sink in…and perhaps write your son a note and ask him to respond on that same page… The words will surprise you… Much love to you Audrey.

  • Patricia

    Your words just confirm what I have believed after discarding the religious teachings of there being a “heaven and hell” long before the sudden death of my 46 year old son in 2009. It was not a suicide, but the use of drugs was a factor due to becoming addicted to pain meds for a medical condition. I am still in the throes of putting my life back together again; for at the same time there was were 3 other family deaths, a retirement, re-marriage and move. I know I am still living for a reason; thus looking for that reason at yet another significant juncture in my life.

    • Sara Ruble

      We all must find that which helps us make sense of life and death Patricia… And in doing that we do begin to see greater meaning in this journey. I wish you well…and trust you’ll find those “reasons”. xox

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