Death Does Teach…

With the love for our children, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, moms, dads, grandparents, friends…we are changed. Are we meant to be? Yes. Life is a journey of the heart and soul. Could [...]

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The Soul’s Journey Shows Us More

When this blog was created it, was not my idea. It came from Scott/Spirit/God. As I‘ve said many times, my initial response to creating and then writing a blog was  “No”. You see where I am [...]

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New Ways of Thinking

Courage… Determination… Faith… Love… Anger, hate, Pain, suffering,  confusion… What is life really all about? I ask Scott this question now, because we are going to answer it [...]

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Why??  Then ask why a million other times too. Why him, why her, why us? Was there not enough love, protection, courage,and guidance? The doctors, the hospital, the treatment…wasn’t it enough? We [...]

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The Soul Planned Life

The soul plans are not as confusing as you may think… And it is definitely time to share more… I want you to know this…and Scott/Spirit insists you have this piece… You will always be [...]

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