Life Changing Days…

When the pain became so painful… When my love for Scott became more painful than I could have ever imagined… I could never have been ready for the days that consumed me with grief and sorrow. …It [...]

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How can I ever see there is meaning in this scary, unthinkable thing called death? Could I have seen that death teaches early in my grief? After Scott died…each day took me away from my past [...]

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A Lifeline

How can I survive this life without Scott? This life, my life…was changed forever on May 20, 1994. The love of my life, the focus of my love and attention for nineteen amazing years was this [...]

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Death Came

Who Am I? I am Sara Ruble…a mom from Ohio. I am Scott’s mom. Scott died at nineteen…so suddenly that my life has never been the same…nor could it be. Grief is the hardest thing I will ever [...]

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Death Comes

Let me introduce myself… My name is Sara… I’m a mom… And this blog is not like any other blog. Because… …I talk about death every day… I must talk about death. You see, my only child, Scott, [...]

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